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As stated in the below thread; My car has developed this fateful judder.

The car will judder when accelerating and run rough when idling. This often only occurs after quite some time driving. I have noted that my voltmeter is usualy below the 13v mark then. After a lengthy run, when manouvering whilst winding down the window the drain of using the window motors causes this juddering to worsten and the car to konk out.... me thinks its defo got to be my ignition.

The car has had this issue before and a new coil was installed around a year ago. It cant have gone already can it? The car was running fine and it is only since it has had the engine out and new spark plugs the other week that i have really noticed this going on.

I belive my battery to be pretty old.. The plan is to replace the battery and see if this is the key. It seems to loose charge very quickly. It is still being charged but over a lengthy drive the voltage will dip below the 13v mark. Basicaly i want this fixed. Iv just spent a minor fortune on the car and want this rectified as inexpensivley as possible..... but need it done.


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My voltmeter reads around 12 volts once the battery has been charged up again after starting...volts go up to 13 odd and then drop back once charged. Runs fine in that condition...however, from your description of the engine cutting out when you operate the window motors..could be electrically challenged (!). You could try turning on the headlights and the heater and see what that certainly drops my voltmeter and, if it causes your engine to cut out, you've got the beginnings of a diagnosis!! You could then pull a plug and repeat the test, watching the sparks at the plug, and see if the wick in the engine goes out when you up the electrical load. Several things to look at; but going through the ignition LT circuit, looking for bad connections, corroded connectors etc. would be a place to start. That pesky connector between the distributor and the ignition box can give trouble..or that perennial favourite, the dodgy earth connexion!!

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I can really understand your problems - but that doesn't help

Have been working my way through the ignition system recently as well.

You can buy the gunson flashtest to get an approximate idea about the HT voltage, or try the setup with the two "modified" spark plugs.

Guess you should be able to determine if the ignition is faulty or not that way.

The pressure of the fuel will also drop if the voltage at the pump drops - maybe something to check as well.



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