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I know most people are familiar with just how good Mr N & S Fulcher are but I just wanted to share some of those early prep photos that not many of us are exposed to!!! A lot more to interiors than cloth and wires!!

I am the very proud owner of a previously botched Resto......I dont know if anyone on here knew 669 EAX (now 76 LD) before I owned it, so apologies if you were one of the 12 previous owners!!! No offence meant but by the time i got it it wasn't good!!!!! Even if i didn't know that when as a wide eyed idiot I was led to believe it was!!

I would love to hear from you if you were though as my history is still in the post from a well known Kent based Dealer!!!

Over my first year of ownership i've had mechanics wise (as i'm a mechanical idiot) everything rebuilt.....I've posted a couple of pics. Anyway the rest is being sorted by Nick & Steve.

They aren't trimmers, I class them as Motoring Artists of the highest quality.

So the strip, included some non-interior items!! An S2/3 sill had been botched on, some holes plugged up! Nick and Steve reckon an accident at some point!! Anyway the photos will do the talking!!!

Sorry Nick & Steve, hope you dont mind me posting these up but I was very happy today!!!!

I'll post some of the interior strip manana but this is the outside as is....I am really very thankful to them and the Forum for pointing me in the right direction on how to do things, I want this S1 to be as good as it should be....not a museum piece but a great looking great driving car!!! In the spirit of how it how it left the factory!!!!

Non Functioning heater Matrix refurb was something I dont think they expected me to ask for but this is what it looks like.....I love the Lotus Graffiti!!

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Great work leon, Detailing on the car looks fantastic, and the trim looks extremely smart, Nice new shiny paintwork mmmmmm, Good car to restore at the moment as the S1 Es

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I was only hearing about the state of the car this evening from Nick. Holes, cracks, splits and that's just the fibreglass, but at least you'll have a sorted car once it's done, and better they find these things and do the right remedial work rather than somebody rim it, then you find the body needs work and so the trimming needs to be re-done.

Now I was trying to wind Nick up this evening, there's a local charity event that would like to borrow a white S1 and / bronze Turbo , so trying to get Nick to working so that this car was all done up before then, so somebody could ask if you'd be interested in loaning your car for a day, but not sure how it would work time wise.

Anyway, I'll see you some time, possibly when you collect the pristine car.


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Ah so that is what that small steal plate was on EAX's sill (I had a good look round your car when it was at paul mattys)

Your can is in good hands now, you and Nick are going to make EAX wonderful again Please keep the pictures coming

The Best Of Luck


1976 Esprit S1 123G Red Tartan, 1976 Esprit S1 170G Orange Tartan, 1976 Esprit S1 192G White Tartan, 1976 Esprit S1 228G Yellow, 1977 Esprit S1 564H Blue, 1978 Esprit S1 329G Now White, 1978 Esprit S1 336G Blue, 1978 Esprit S1 728H Development car , 1978 Esprit S1  378G Silver,  1981 Esprit S2.2 0991 Blue, 1997 Elise S1 Blue. Trying not to buy any more...

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I actually went to look at the car two years ago when it was up for sale in Blackpool. Didn't have much time to look round as it was at a local garage near to the then owner. The guy who ran the garage told me it was running like a bag of ****.

I obviously did not end up buying the car but one of the reasons was becuase of the seller. I got the feeling he was only interested in papering over any cracks (no pun intended) and getting as much cash for it as he could (Hope he is not reading this!). Shame, he had some really nice photos of it on e-bay and it looked a great car and it sounded as though loads of work had been done. PM me if you want my full experience as I still have some of the photos from the failed e-bay attempts.

Anyway, I am sorry to hear of your issues with her (I have read your other thread) but I am glad she is getting the attemntion she deservers.

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Thank you all for your kind words, we're just doing our jobs and a little bit more but we always help where we can.

We hope that most of the donkey work is done now, just the new sill to fit when it comes back from the painters and a heater matrix to reassemble and fit back into place once we get get the components back.

We've added a few more pics from today, hope you don't mind Leon as you may not now be the first person to see them, but they're only of the cross member in various stages of prep along with a paint free screen landing in readiness for the Grey Nextel

Kind regards

Nick & Steve







Mike Kimberley's 'Can Do' Trim Guru

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Browsing Youtube I found a video of the previous owner. The car was at collectormania in 2006.

I also almost bought that car when it was on ebay just before it ended up at uksportscars.

I have the feeling it is now in the best and most capable hands possible.

Looking forward to more progress pics.


Hey whats wrong with this wreck? We`re getting gas back here.

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We were both looking at it at the same time Hemlock. How come you didn't take the plunge?

I feel for Leon as he has been well and truely stitched up, but it looks like the pain will be worth it.

Good shout on the video BTW!

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If I remember correctly there was a thread here in the for sale section (I was just a lurker at the time) and someone said he had seen the car and that it was more

a resto project than anything else.

+ being obsessed with originality, I found out that the tartan interior wasn't original, the wolfrace wheels had been spray painted etc...

I'm glad I waited b/c I couldn't be happier with the S1 I ended up with and Leon is doing an awesome job hiring the right people and bringing back the car to how it should be.



Hey whats wrong with this wreck? We`re getting gas back here.

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Cheers guys appreciate the comments! Yeah unfortunately I was the classic novice wide eyed boy, and got fleeced........

But!!!!! Its going to be one of the best ones around I hope by the time we are done! Few more progress pics for you........We managed to get the sill moulded and that is now in place and primed, now at the paint shop......I decided to do a few more things whilst it was there, paint the screen landing, window surrounds, inside of the boot. We also found a few more horrors! The offside quarter panel had been filled badly (out of sight) and that has now bubbled up, so that is being taken back and re done. Having the roof re-done and new chrome plastics fitted, as they weren't great either! So a few more bits other than interior being done!

The heater matrix and box have been re-cored and powder coated, the boot boards were non existent so Steve has re-made some of thosepost-4865-1243783819_thumb.jpg






Oh couple more which are Matrix before and after........



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Doesn't time fly........Sorry I haven't posted anything on here recently; manic time at work has left me with zero time for anything. Behind the scenes a lot of work has been going on in my absence.

I decided to have a few more things done than I was intending, and N & S have been project managing a little more than they anticipated!

Doing a "rolling resto" probably isn't the most economical way of doing things so the winter this year will see the body coming off to attack a couple of oddities.........DRY ROT in your car? I Have! The Engine bay bulkhead ply is like tissue paper in some places and will have to be replaced.



Couple more things have been done. The plastic chrome finishers have been replaced; and whilst the car was in the workshop some really nasty blisters on the bodywork appeared, so decided to get them flattened and the glass done and the rear end got a bit more paint than was bargained for! We also put the interior paint back to stock, the black surround was white in my car so that got blacked, and also did the rear 1/4 glass metal. The door frames need doing too but again during the winter when I will get the rest of the car re-painted......




As you can see the interior is now starting to come together! I cannot tell you how much work has gone into getting it to this point! Nick and Steve's dedication to detail is unreal!

I have no picture space left but will put up an album on a photo website once the resto is completed, which shouldn't be too far away now!

PS This will be the last time 669 EAX is seen on the car, I can't wait to get rid of it! Out with the old.



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That new interior going in looks fantastic! An amazing transformation. You will certainly have a car you can be proud of.

S4 Elan, Elan +2S, Federal-spec, World Championship Edition S2 Esprit #42, S1 Elise, Excel SE


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Great work leon,

Detailing on the car looks fantastic, and the trim looks extremely smart, Nice new shiny paintwork mmmmmm, Good car to restore at the moment as the S1 Esprits are holding the money, A smashing looking bond car, Very well done :whistle:

Regards danny

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Well done! That previous interior, although well-intentioned, just wasn't right. Now it's right! :whistle:

Tony K. :)


Esprit S1s #355H & 454H

Esprit S2.2  #324J

1991 Esprit SE

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