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parts on the way just wondering if this is going to make a big difference because my s4 has never felt like a 0-60 4.7 car. Don't get me wrong its not ultra slow but I was expecting more from it.

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my stock SE beat my friend's heavily modified Esprit X180-R on the dyno, due to his chargecooler pump being piped backwards.

Later he re ran the dyno with 333hp 365ft-lb at the wheels.

So the chargecooler makes a big difference.

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I had the same issue with my CC impeller discovered more so from running FreeScan. I was lucky in the aspect of how the impeller failed so I ended up with no bits of the original running in the system. Placed a new one from PUKEsprit and what a difference! The ECU control of boost was such a dramatic change.


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Definitely noticable. When mine went out, it just didn't seem to get that extra punch on the high end. It wasn't slow, just didn't have that scary fast at high rpm's.

I wasn't thinking chargecooler until it heated up and puked coolant onto the rear window.

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I saw 160mph in my SE with no fins left on the CC pump

and the CC itself being nothing more than a warm box.


When repaired the noticeable change was acceleration.

Is UNBELIEVABLE just how cold the thing gets when it's

working properly, it's a 'Christ thats chilly!' when you touch

it. I was kidding myself that the lukewarm i got before was

the 'cold to the touch' people talk about.


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jimi when you have check your chargecooler impellor let us know on the forums.....

I'm very courious to know the status of your standard impellor and if the problem was it...

next week I hope to change my standard old impellor with a new one bought from PUK......and I'm many courious to open the chargecooler system to see the status of the old impellor, many owners said that the old impellor on their cars were damaged and not ok to work !

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Chargecooler (MAT) temperartures affect a few things.

The key is not to think "lower MAT = higher boost" but to imagine "lower MAT = boost builds quickly"

At lower CC temps cold air is more dense and compresses faster/easier and it needs less turbo RPM to achieve the same pressure - hence the reason why max pressure is achieved quickly.

The opposite can be said of higher MAT temperautres - in severe cases max boost can never be reached or it cannot be achieved for long periods of time before the heat builds up and starts to reduce it.

In the case of a broken chargecooler the temperature will get so high over a few minutes (80-90 degrees I have seen, probably more) that the turbo cannot compress the hot air enough to make a suitable level of boost - Where as a healthy car can achieve say 0.85 Bar, a damaged chargecooler might only permit 0.4 Bar which is the difference of about 40-50 hp.

Remember the ultimate max boost is goverened by the ECU and the Wastegate alone - nothing else, ultra low MAT temperatures mean you will achieve peak boost much sooner in the rev range and also sustain high pressures for longer. With cooler MAT you will experience a larger kick in the bum from the car as the boost rises quickly this is often attributed to more horsepower but it isn't, it's just the way it comes in.

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