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Condenser questions

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Hello everybody,

After leak/dye checking my AC (Not holding charge at all) I noticed traces of dye around the condenser area (Rest of car clean, except for small trace in expansion valve area. I know I should've sniff checked but, I jumped right in and removed the radiators. Job wasn't as bad as I've read....I hope I can put it all back together so here it goes.....

Condenser, drivers side, has a good bit of dye on it on the bottom 1/3. Haven't noticed any pin-holes in the pipes etc.. I did find what looks like a rat's nest (What's left of it anyway) on the radiator....nice! Those previous owners, you gotta love 'em. So I have a few questions:

1. I plan on recoring the main radiator, would the same radiator shop be able to leak/pressure check the condenser? Maybe an AC shop? If it's not in the connecting pipes, could it just be the condenser itself? Are they prone to leak?

2. When I disconnected lines to the condenser, there was still some charge in the lines? How could that be if the system wasn't even holding charge or cooling?

3. The small rivets on the bracket holding the CC radiator and condeser can I remove them?

I'm not a mechanic, so please word your recommendations in plain english for me! Many thanks for your help.



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