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Quick question

Brought my 98 esprit in for 1st time service under my ownership

(Had it 3.5 weeks)

It is at the Lotus Dealer in Atlanta

There is quite a list of leaky gaskets ( expected ) and Timing belt

and tensioners and gaskets and h20 pump are being replaced

needless to say quite a bit to chew off in first visit

After all this rambling my question is....

The service tech eluded to the fact the oil cooler has a slight leak?

he had put it on the bottom of the list, but he did go into CYA mode

and suggested replacement of the oil cooler, however the sticker shock on the

part got me Parts and labor about $2200.

so 1) is this really needed at this point ( other stuff ($5000) work seems a higher priority))

2) can this be done at a later date / not at the dealer??

thanks to all in advance


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one way: install an *shortcut*/ *blind connection between in/out* into your oil-cooler system ,

and other way: install aftermarket oil-coolers !?

Question is: where is the so called 'leak' -as you can imagine not all that is said to be serious by an mechanic who lived from those money has to be serious.. . :)

If it is an simple oil-cooler pipe, than you can get those as aftermarket parts fabricated to your own specifications from various hydraulic shops (shops who do truck-hydraulic works)


to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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The oil coolers are hard to reach & see into. I suspect the mechanic must have seen a drip or weep on a oil line hose. Ask how does he know it's the oil cooler? You almost have to take the front end apart to see what's really happening. The labor is extensive. I suspect he's shopping for work.


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It is at Lotus of Atlanta, they did take a day to look it over before giving

me a to do list. It did seem however that the Oil Cooler was a sidenote

and may have been a flashlight visual through the grate up front. I feel that

they did not take apart the front end to find the issue. This I think is why I am

hung up about spending another $2000 on this. For a second opinion Not really sure

what to do. There is a mechanic closer to me that works on my 750 and has

a guy that works on Lotus ( however I think he has only worked on the Elise/Exige)

Soooo.. Is it something I should monitor ( Oil pressure/Dip stick ) -- just a bit

torn on what to do

thanks again


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So you can see 'the leak' from outside !? As you say it does not look as if any of the parts was undone for inspection.. .

The little metric/UNF-adapters that go inside the oil-cooler right & left to connect the pipes with the cooler, those can get oxidized and or leaky on the sealing face. Bud otherwise the pressed/crimped section on the hose can get leaky too over the years. If oils is leaking out that point it will run along the hose/cooler connection, and it looks like an leaky oil-cooler. To replace the pipes (namely the main pipes inside the frame is not an mysterious thing. You need patience and sense for the little complex bends & passages inside the frame. Mostly it is an straight forward job... .

Have replaced both mayor pipes inside the frame over the years. It was DIY -so no labor involved, parts cost was around 90-100 Euros each (it was some years in between, so the price of the used hose-material changed slightly..)

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to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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