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I guess you are right. Informed opinion suggests a lower, wider and longer version of the Evora with a hint of the classic 'wedge'. I am hugely impressed with the Evora, and while I appreciate the aesthetic, the shape just doesn't do it for me. I was out in the Esprit today, pulled up into a layby admiring the Ochils and a car pulled in. Pretty soon the driver wandered over and we both agreed - after 22 years the shape (Stevens re-design, 1987) is still stunning and fresh. He had seen the Evora and still preferred the Esprit. Similarly I was at a Vauxhall dealer on Saturday sorting out a new car for SWIMBO and daughter and 4 of the sales guys gathered round - same response. It must be an age thing.....

I really hope the new Esprit has a similar impact to the first one - I've just decided not to go with the Evora and wait for it to appear in 2012.

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Surely the car above is one of many EVORA sketches/ideas.

Mike Kimberly at the launch of the Lotus Evora,

"These cars will be for the few who know the difference!"

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Lotus have confirmed many times that the new 2 seater MES will be based on the same chassis (VVA) as the Evora. Because of this you can guarantee some simularities and hints of design compatability.

I think it may be a little early to start looking at designs tho, as we all know, Lotus have enough money to work on one car at a time and no money is flowing as yet, from the Evora bank. All we can do is watch and be patient!

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


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As Kimbers says, apart from the basic architecture, we shouldn't read anything into such early design doodles! We will all just have to be patient I guess. Assuming the Evora is a success, I can see the S and convertable versions taking precedence over the new Esprit and they may be brought forward. Hopefully some engineering resource can be released to get the Esprit programme going - I assume the Evora derivatives will not take as much effort as the new car did!

A nice update from MJK in Performance Car this month. The drop in sales is obviously worrying but his decision to re-invigorate the engineering side over the past few years has paid off handsomely. That gong can't be far away!

I hope the guys in Malaysia appreciate his foresight and continue to let him get on with things.

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Personally I don't have anything against Lexus itself, just the drivers. I find Lexus drivers to be rude and blatantly disrespectful of traffic laws just because they spent way too much on an overpriced Toyota. *steps off soapbox*

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A source who must remain anonomous but is very close to the new Esprit programme, said the design had been signed off (last year) and was clearly related to the original wedge profile. He said everyone would immediately recognise it as an Esprit. However, it was undergoing a review due to a change in the drive train, although that wouldn't effect the overall look that much. I took that to mean that the BMW V8 originally proposed had fallen from favour and I must admit to thinking that maybe the Toyota unit was under consideration. No comment was the reply.....

Anyhow, until its announced this is mere speculation. Fun, but speculation nontheless. As I said, we'll just have to be patient. But as I've decided to pass on the Evora and wait, it better be worth it!

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I LOVE my g-car in unnatural ways! lol

Elises are great cars and the Exige is awesome.

However I have long said, if the Esprit replacement even vaguely resembles one, then I will most certainly not be in the buyer's market! :(

Since everything Lotus has done since the Elise has been more than a 'little bit' blatantly Elise [actually, technically M250] derivative (ie just another Elise design with minor alterations - Exige (add roof) 340r (remove bodywork!) Europa (change the lights, minor rear alterations) Evora (make it a bit bigger) 211 (cut the top half off!) it does not bode well :(

I sincerely hope they use the new Esprit to strike a completely new 'brand image' (and keep the Esprit wedgey...) and use it as an opportunity to then completely restyle the Elise in the image of the new and (hopefully) Ferrari killing Esprit :) They then get to resell a 'new' Elise to all their customers :)

Hope sales pick up soon for all concerned!

"When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realised that the Lord doesn't work that way so I stole one and asked him to forgive me."


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I just love how the original design has survived looking fresh....(I changed a few body design elements on my 85 Esprit when I had it repainted), everybody I see Always asks if it is the "Newest" L. or F. to come out of Italy..... they are stunned when I tell them that the molds used to make the body panels were made by Lotus ALLLLLL the way back in 1976......


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Hmm, Paul, that is an interesting picture of a car. What is it?

I can't really make out the badge, and I can't quite identify it. It looks vaguely familiar though.

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Hey Whippet,

I have had a lot of fun modifying my Esprit to my own tastes and what I feel the Esprit (G-cars) should have looked like.

First, the car has (obviously) different wheels. 17" Speedline Speedforce 3 piece modular with 215/45 in the front and 285/40 in the rear. The springs/shocks are fully adjustable Aldan units and the car has been lowered to a roof height of 41 inches.

I shaved off the mid body (anti door ding) parting line which had that hard plastic line running down the length of the G-bodied cars. The body now looks smoother. I also got rid of the extra repeater side indicators. Since I have a pretty aggressive BIG chargecooler, I cut in extra NACA ducts right above the rear wheels to feed cold air to extra radiators on each side of the engine bay (there is also the regular front radiator for the chargecooler as well). I then made some minor ground effects between the front and rear wheels, as well as on the front of the car. I got rid of the louvered rear hatch cover and blended/smoothed the hatch area. Aluminum fins cover the engine bay venting on top, and perforated aluminum rear under panel which my dual exhausts go through (which, without a muffler or catalytic convertor, you can see the cool frame and suspension components working if you're driving behind me)

I also changed the angle of the windscreen, by raising the bottom up just about 15mm so the windscreen is also raked more like the original Turin car.

All this, finished off with a black paint which has violet colour-shift imbedded in the colour coat. Beautiful in direct sunlight :(

All in all, I always have a blast with my Esprit..... wouldn't sell this car for anything in the world.... I am also right now changing the taillights to something similar to the F-40 round taillight look, except that the lights are recessed Behind the screening, so when the lights are not on, you just see a hint of the tail light lenses (same screen material you see in the back pic of my car now). I'll post pics soon..... Also the car is getting bigger 4 pot front brakes, and the engine is a totally built up S4s-head, bigger turbo, large charge cooler, etc, so it will be fun to see what the performance will be, as the car has been considerably lightened as well and weighs (as of a couple of years ago) just under 2450 pounds.

I think there are other changes, but can't remember them now....

Let me know if you have any more questions!

All the best,

Paul Wendling








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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the photo's and info. I can see you are a real enthusiast and have gone to a lot of trouble.

I feel a little bad as I have to admit my comment was more tongue-in-cheek and making fun of you as I have been very outspoken on this forum before about modifications (mutilations) to cars. But it is each to his own. As an engineering project the work you have done looks outstanding. From my point of view it is hardly a Lotus Esprit anymore. It is a "Paul mobile". :blush:

Jokes aside, I have previously been very involved in the Porsche market, and have seen how values of these cars drop if anything have been done to them. Even a non-standard steering wheel is minus $2000. Now that is monetary value.

But by "value" I do not only mean resale value, as all owners of heavily modified cars always claim "I will never sell it". That is actually beside the point. There is non-monetary value attached to a car that is original, restored and cared for as such. I hope you can sense what I am saying.

There is a good example recently here on the forum: by Tony, scroll down to "Part 2" and you will see how original cars should be restored and cared for.

Best to ya!


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Hi Etienne,

Yes, i agree with you totally, as some people collect cars for their historical and Marque value. I know Jay Leno, and have my studio just down the street from his garages in Burbank, and he has two Lotus Elans. One of them is 100% original, and is beautiful, the other had been modified sometime in the 70s' to race and is all cut up, changed, etc. Jay loves both cars equally for different reasons, the original one because it is looking through a time machine at a piece of history, and the changed one as it has such fun driving properties.

I have an architect friend in Los Angeles who is the first owner of a 1977 Lotus Esprit S1, and it still has only about 2000 miles on it. He in fact has never even registered the car yet! The rubber bumpers are all sagging and droopy, the interior tartan seats and cloth are so brittle with age, that last year we were looking at the car interior, and when he leaned and put his hand to rest on the seat, the material actually started to shred and rip..... of course, he is terrified to start the car, as he knows ALL the rubber gaskets, hoses, timing belt, etc is probably just dust, holding itself together by inertia........ but it is still wonderful to go over there and see a TOTALLY original history car :blush:

I, on the other hand, come from a different background (went to Pasadena Art Center where Transportation Design was my major) and I get all excited about design challenges and I also have always been a performance, circuit driver, so my goals with my Lotus was to see just how much performance, coupled with design tweaks I could do. As you know, even Lotus kept taking their cars, and adding body panels, air dams, taillights, design tweaks, trying to keep the shape new and fresh.... I just did the same thing, but with my own interpretation of what an Extreme G-Body car should look like.

Even on my 94 S4, (which is actually my wifes car) She put in an all new interior, with custom Momo steering wheel, shifter, E-brake handle, with also new CNC machined Aluminum trim pieces. The exterior has the 2004 round taillights put on and there is a carbon fiber front air dam.... The engine has been chipped and runs transient 24 pounds of boost, which backs down to about 14 pounds...(lower compression pistons as well to prevent detonation) It goes back to V-8 style dual exhausts and the S4 wheels are chromed.

I guess I have always been into having fun with my cars, and using them as a blank canvas that I can work with. Heck, even my first car, when I was in College, was a 1977 Toyota Celica Coupe, that one day I just decided to make into a convertible, so i drove it to a friends house, we welded on some stiffening bars under the unibody, took a cutting wheel, and cut off the roof, finished all the cut edges, and made a MG style folding roof with inset rear glass! Boy, were my parents surprised that night when I came home in a factory looking convertible! (I was so proud as well because when it rainde, there were no leaks :D

All the best!


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Ha - some interesting points you have made.

By the way - by looking at your low number of posts, I hope you have been properly welcomed here.

If not, a great warm welcome here on the forums to you!

Best to you,


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I too am normally a 'keep it original' kinda guy - but I'm blown away by what you've done.

Very nice car - and, yes, to my mind it looks like what a Giugiaro Turbo Esprit 'Evoluzione' - or whatever it Lotus would have called such a thing - might have looked. I guess that should really be 'Evolution' for a Brit car :D

I still have weird dreams of mating a V8 chassis with a modded G car body - fortunately funds and lack of time will prolly never support such a project! :blush:

Oh - and welcome aboard!


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1999 Elise - Norfolk Mustard - 'Liz' Daily driver - 221,000 miles and counting!

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