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[HONG KONG]Classic Car Club monthly meeting (June 2009)

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Hi, Gavman

how's the car running?

I am currently in the USA, and will travel to Alaska for vacation this Saturday.

the exciting thing about the trip so far is I got to go with my brother in law for an afternoon drive in his Lamborghini Gallardo (2004)

it is a very fun car to own/drive.

I have taken some photos and will post them when I return to HK on July 4th 2009

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Wow you do travel!

I bet it was fun in the Gallardo, now don't you go selling your gorgeous Esprit and buying a Lamborghini!

My car is going very well, at last. I drove beautifully last weekend from London to West Wales a round trip of over 400 miles. It was smooth and beautiful to drive.

Have fun in USA & Alaska - Alsaka is a beautiful country.




Lotus Esprit Turbo Chargecooler SE 1991

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