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I have a non functional handbrake on one side. The caliper was also used on the Lancia Gamma. A friend nearby has a Gamma so I went to check and confirmed it was the same. I was unable to persuade him to part with a caliper. He did have calipers from a FIAT Croma he dismantled. They appear to have the same dimensions and same piston size etc. Even the handbrake cable just clips straight on. The only work I did on them was to tidy up the casting seams with a file to improve clearances with the mounting brackets as per the original calipers. Have test driven and everything seems to work fine.

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can you put some pics of the Gamma/Croma calipers?

Do you know the year/model of the Croma?

There are different types of caliper for these cars depending on year (Girling/Bendix) so I'd like to know more infos about that.

I'm living in the Fiat town so I will try to find some old stock parts if they work fine.




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The Croma was an early carb version 2000cc CHT. 1985?

The calipers shown look the same apart from having a slot rather than a Hex in the piston. This may require a matching pad. I have a Lancia HPE Beta that has a slot and there is a dimple in the pad for it to locate into to stop the piston rotating. However looking on the EBC brakes website the DP370 pad is common to most Girling braked Cromas. Compare DP370 with DP298 for Esprit.

FIAT caliper on left Esprit on right




Pads...Esprit on left


Pistons.... Esprit on right


Inserting Piston

Dust boot first


Piston in


Screw it in


FIAT caliper as it came off the car pre servicing


Esprit Caliper and 2 FIAT ones


Off Topic

The friend who supplied the calipers is looking for some parts if you find them. LHS Lancia Gamma mirror. FIAT 850 Abarth parts



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