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Project GT2 - Sport 300 Le Mans Replica

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I finally decided to make a post about this.

Had it for years now (bought 2006 !! - crazy)

It should have been finished within the year but running two cars, working long hours, trials for the Royal Marines, over analysing the project and digging in too deep etc and so forth made me lose interest.

It's been up for sale, nearly sold and so on - the biggest shame is it's in really good nick and perfect for the project.

So with a new career path I am taking it will allow me much more time to complete and have fun with the project, I worked on it for the 1st time 2 weeks ago since last Altumn and already I have it very close to MOT stage and running nicely - can't believe how much progress I have made in 4-5 days of solid work, its just all come together.

One cracked inlet manifold stood in my way but that should be fixed this weekend.

Anyways - all progress is on my Flickr :

You're welcome to visit and make comments on the site :P

Feedback welcome etc - hope to have this pretty much sorted by the end of the summer now (what a transformation !)

Current work is to get the engine running correctly (which it is really) and get some reliability under my belt with it.

Once I am happy with the reliability and happy its a good project the body kit will go on (already purchased) along with the Magnesios and it can start to take shape.

The idea was inspired by Mike Sekingers GT1 project to make a race car for the road, but eventually this should make it to a fair few track days for some stripped out lightened Esprit action !

(If only I can get used to non-powered steering)



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if you get it looking like that pic...

Thats the plan, everything is there apart from the solid roof (making that myself) - decals (still not sure how mad to go, ideally I want some static show ones and the others semi-permanent) - and the front scoop (again this is not going to be for the road as it's too low).

The filler ports will be left off, the original race car went directly into the tank via the bodywork and thats not a good idea - it's better to leave them as it is and put a decal on there for show.

Oh and the roof scoops are going to be dummies as well - too much hassle for no gain, I doubt I'll be going 24hr racing so I'll just make them fakies.

Rest will be wierd and wonderful esp the HUGE rear wing :D

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(If only I can get used to non-powered steering)

You'll be just fine mate. Kylie has a non PAS esprit for years, 'Boots' on this forum

is a lady driving a non PAS esprit. Tobi is another lady with a non PAS stevens esprit

and one of the owners of my SE was a lady too. Anyone can drive a non PAS esprit,

it's not a 70's lambo, i've driven rover 200 diesels that are heavier. I don't get it.

It's not a problem, and you will soon get used to it. Too much is made of the non PAS

Esprits, it's not exactly a heavy car and it's very easy to drive, even to park, with no PAS.

On the track your lack of PAS will be = less weight and something you don't have to fix.

The most desirable classic sportscars on the planet do not have PAS after all.

It think it's the world of creature comfort generic POS german saloons that has spoilt people

for so long that they have forgotten what a real car feels like (IMO!). It saddens me to see

such a wealth of electronic toys in the new Exige, thank god for the 2 eleven!

Paul C, putting the case for the pre PAS Esprits.


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It's the more direct feel as well which is why most cars dont have it on track - must be something wrong then, my arms are not exactly thin from all those pushups and the steering is very heavy, compared to the GT3 it's a nightmare to park.

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Go for it Jon !

I love the racing Esprits and the 1993 S300 GT car was a real stunner.

Looking forward to updates as it comes to life.


Mike S

1996 Esprit V8, 1998 Esprit V8 GT, 1999 Esprit S350 #002 (Esprit GT1 replica project), 1996 Esprit V8 GT1 (chassis 114-001), 1992 Lotus Omega (927E), 1999 Esprit V8SE, 1999 Esprit S350 #032, 1995 Esprit S4s, 1999 Esprit V8 GT (ex-5th Gear project), 1999 Esprit V8SE ('02 rear)

1999 S350 #002 Esprit GT1 replica

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(If only I can get used to non-powered steering)

On the track you will be amaiced how well i can use 0 (zero) toe in out on track,but on the road you gona need some toe in the manual.

89 Lotus Esprit Turbo S

Very fast road and trackday car.

GT3076R+ a lot of other modifications.


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  • 2 months later...

Long since update but still working at it hard.


S300 kit is nearly finished - after 11 hrs taking the original bumper off the new one went on in 30mins, needs some minor adjustments but it fits well which is a bonus.

Just needs the paint now.

Note the rear near side arch is now moulded on correctly, split into 3 parts to get it to fit but now all rubbed down and smoothed off fused to the car.

Just the other 3 to do, hoping the major parts of the kit to be done by the end of next week.

Wing is the next hurdle - it has to be wider, longer and taller than the original so is going to take a lot of re-work.

Now for a quick question / advice :


Ducting - I'm going to do away with the original ducts for the oil cooler and make a glass fiber one of my own.

1. Does the oil cooler really need an exhaust moulding to the side vent in the bumper or can it just blow out freely ?

2. Anyone know exactuyl how the old front fog lamp appature (left in shot) was ducted for the brakes ? The oil cooler kinda spoils any ducting I might add - little unsure how to proceed.

Getting there, very slowly...

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Is this the same car that has the extra fender scoops?




All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them, some just stink more than others.

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I'm working only 2 days a week now to get this done before winter.

It's very close to finish, mainly just needs painting and further developing next year perhaps.

Expensive though, car cost 6 bug ones, spent as much again easily.

Visitors weds-Friday only, bring a screwdriver lol

Gimme a pm be nice to finally meet dave.

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Bodywork almost complete:

Rear arches are not exactly formed well, only about 1" too small so had to open them up.


Fronts are not too bad.


....bumper isnt thou - again it's about 1" shy of fitting to the arch properly. They're both set exactly right so out comes the P40 again...


3/10 for the body kit, not that impressed really - take me 2 weeks of almost solid graft to no even finish...

Main body is done though, the bumper needs those flairs moulded into the arches, duct transitions made (square to round formers prob take a week solid to make all of them), the main bumper trailing arch needs to be sorted or stone will fly into the oil cooler and bumper itself, and some more test fitting before I'm going to be happy - 3 weeks solid work if I'm lucky.

So then it's all got to goto the spray shop for a nice dent in the wallet.

Still wondering what to do about the wheels, no-one seems to know what to do with them or will take my money to refurb them.

And then there's the wing, it's on, but in 2 halves - the final dust fest !

Wont be ready this year, I wanted to try and get it to the fractory Frolic but it's just not that easy.

Edited by Jonathan

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Hey Jon,

I understand it is ball aching hard work at the moment, but with your skill and determination, this will be gorgeous when it is finished. All of the grief will soon be forgotten.

Keep up the momentum.

Mike S

1996 Esprit V8, 1998 Esprit V8 GT, 1999 Esprit S350 #002 (Esprit GT1 replica project), 1996 Esprit V8 GT1 (chassis 114-001), 1992 Lotus Omega (927E), 1999 Esprit V8SE, 1999 Esprit S350 #032, 1995 Esprit S4s, 1999 Esprit V8 GT (ex-5th Gear project), 1999 Esprit V8SE ('02 rear)

1999 S350 #002 Esprit GT1 replica

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SJ's S300 kit.

The front arches and the wing are ok

The rear arches radius are too small by and inch or so.

In order for the bumper to hit the arch so it looks right the ends have to be elongated.

I've cut a lot off the bumper too to sure a fit - it's not perfect by a long shot but what else can you do ?

Saving grace is GRP is easy to wind back and graft on - apart from the fact I itch like a 2 penny whore from all the tiny fibres stabbing my skin.

After this it's all down hill just the prob is this is a mountain, given up again for today - I eat sleep shit this car at the moment (even took 3 days of the week off work to finish it) so it's grinding me down....

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Fantastic work Jonathan,

Looks like you are doing a great job, The car will look stunning. Do any kits fit really well? or is the SJ kit just a bad kit?

Amateurs built the Ark

Professionals built the Titanic

"I haven't ridden in cars pulled by cows before" "Bullocks, Mr.Belcher" "No, I haven't, honestly"

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Well Jon, ever since you first started it, I've always been keen to see what this will turn out like. For me the S300 Le Mans Esprits with that livery were the finest looking Esprits ever produced. I have never seen an original one in the flesh and the closest I'm ever likely/probably going to get is yours!!!

Doesn't matter how long it takes, just keep thinking of the finished article mate, and how good its going to look after all your efforts have been rewarded.

Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk - that will teach us to keep mouth shut!

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Scarey - Do I cut it or wot ?



On A serious note does anyone know if this kind of mod is actually legal ?

I mean you're cutting a huge hole in the bumper...

There is a clear plastic that covers the void but it's not exactly bumperish.

Also these are the sort of lights I need to fit :

5 3/4" jobbies - but they need to have the front lenses removed (trust me the LM cars didn't have covers on them) - is that gonna casue a problem ?

They're not going to be running lights, I will still use the pods although the quads at the front will have a switch that can bring them on for show etc.

Before I take the knife to my lovely bumper, does anyone know the deal ?

Edited by Jonathan

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