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Hi all,

My dearly beloved V8GT's ABS doesn't seem to be doing very much even under "normal" driving conditions - ie somewhat aggressive braking. Namely I'm getting lots of lock up. Strangely also no warning light. I recently had the code reader connected to check another problem but nothing was mentioned about brakes in the log.

The ABS light came on a few months ago for a day or so then disappeared and I guess shortly before that time I had experience of the pulsating and functioning of the system. But at the moment its doing nothing.

Any ideas where I can start looking? Sensors on the wheels?

Cheers in advance


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Well, I think the first question is, has the bulb burned out on the dash? You should have the bulb light up when you first turn the key on. If thats not lighting up, then that would explain the lack of a warning indicator lamp. As for diagnosing the system, I can't help you there as I have no experience with OBDII computer systems or ABS. Does the OBDII system normally display error codes related to the ABS system or is there a separate interface for those? The basic things I would check on the system would be buld working, and ensure that any and all relays and fuses providing power to the ABS unit are working properly.

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The OBDII interface can provide the ABS data BUT I believe it requires the TECH I scanner to get this info. The standard OBDII hardware/software that you can get won't provide the info.

I had an ABS light on the dash and when I took it to the dealer they just connected up the TECH I and diagnosed a sensor failure.

Dave - 2000 Sport 350
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