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Essex Random Images.......

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The street was clean today so I could not wait and drove it for the first time. Its amazing! Its also time to say thanks to some TLF members !!! And many thanks to SJ Sportcars,Pnm engineering and Lot

Essex 006 LHD is now ready for the road!Two years with a lot of work but i am very happy to see this icon shine again!

Essex 018 finally ready for the road . More Essex 018

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Essex and Thieme info

I had read that Mansel had a JPS esprit, but this article says that Elio De

Angelo had an Essex in Monacco,, anyone got a pic?

anyone got the Two Sundays in May DVD?

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1981 Turbo Esprit


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Scanned from a Lotus World magazine, here is the prince of nepotism taking the keys to his Essex in return for, well, being a slimeball. Honestly wouldn't you rather trust John DeLorean?



In the garage no-one can hear you scream 

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That's Essex No.24 that was rebadged No.100 to make it look like Lotus did a run of 100 cars.


To my knowledge it's one of a small handful (3 or 4?) still on the road in the UK. 

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It was the numerical re-badging of that one that caused all the confusion about numbers of Essex..............

As per Bazza its my guess that it was an attempt to disguise the fact that people wanted the G Turbo in other colours - away from Essex paint (at that time anyway!)... and make it seem like they had actually sold 100 in that form. 

Anyway Ken Baird owned it for while before it went to Graeme Harrison on here?!

Can Kimbers tell us who is presenting the keys?

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Apologies if this has been seen before:



Nigel, ACBC / Elio/ Thieme and I think thats Brian Wray from JPS at Brands..........


...and a smaller one in colour:



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That's only a couple of miles from me! 

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That used to live a couple of hundred meters from my parents house for at least 10 years.  I didn't know he had sold it.

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The photo's were sent to me from the new owner of 008 in Japan he is restoring/rebuilding it. I've know about this one for along time sitting in Ben Auto's waiting for someone to give it some TLC.


This is not the first time it's be rebuilt, the first accident (see photo) happened many years ago before it left the UK for Japan.


The other photo is a recent of the engine, looks like new liners and pistons required, not sure about no. 4 cylinder and how the screws etc. got there.


The body has been removed from the chassis, chassis overhauled so the rebuild is well under way.


Steve T 



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