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Any ideas guys?


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Ok guys and girls need some input on a issue i have so will throw it out to you guys and girls! :D

As some of you may know i have been fitting a completely reconed top end.

I have now pretty much done this and am getting good compression readings of

1 - 7.5

2 - 8

3 - 8

4 - 7.5

and the car drives smoothly etc.

However after a few of the issues etc on the way i now have a strange one that i cant fathom.

If you remove the HT lead from cylinders 1 or 2 the engine does go lumpy as expected. However if i remove 3 or 4 the engine runs like nothing has happened??

I want to be 100% happy with it before i get back to driving it but can not fathom this one so any ideas welcomed guys.

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Perhaps your carbs. need setting up and synchronising. You should get the same rev. drop when any one plug lead is disconnected - I'm assuming the problem only happens at idle. If so, it indicates that only the carburetter supplying 1&2 is flowing mixture at idle - you'd need to set up the carbs. using a set of 4 mercury flowgauges or similar to get the balance right. It can be done by ear and a length of rubber tube but that takes a bunch of practise and. unless you're a masochist, gauges are the way to go. The gauges are most often found for 4 and are readily available; the set I've got came by post from Northern Ireland, IIRC.

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I am having a similar problem with my car at the moment and am about to check to see if the front carb, a Stromberg, is supplying any fuel.

While I was trying to diagnose what was going on, I found that the connectors in the HT lead plug caps had disappeared inside the top of the cap, probably through being removed by pulling the wire rather than the cap to remove it. A bit of fiddling with the wire using some pliers to help push it back through the cap far enough to grab the connector with some long-nose pliers and pull it through. Didn't fix my problem but may contribute to yours. Check them with a torch or inspection lamp.

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Trevor I have checked the leads and sparks and they are all working but i am replacing them anyway as they are a mixed bunch at the moment.

However my bro is a merc mechanic and their head guy has suggested as John did the carb balance being the issue so i have ordered a gauge and will try that.

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