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My dear mother passed away


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Hi Giorgio,

Iam really sorry to hear about your loss. It was good that you saw mum before she passed away. I wasn't so lucky. I got a phone call to say come up to the hospital at 5AM and I drove the 15 minute drive as fast as I could but everywhere was locked up and I couldn't get in for nealry 45 minutes. After security finally let me in, I found that my mum had passed away 30 minutes earlier on her own.

I try not to think about this and look at the positive things about my mum.

Take your time grieving over your mum, everyone is different and we all react in different ways.

We are a nice bunch on here so feel free to PM us anytime.

David Walters

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Very sad news, Giorgio. At least you have the comfort of knowing that you did all you could to keep her comfortable in the last stages of her life. You could have done no more. And now she is released from her pain. Sometimes it's almost a relied when someone with terminal cancer finally lets go.

Keep your chin up, as we say.

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Giorgio, i am really sorry to hear this :animier: , I know what you are going through, as my father past away less than 4 weeks ago from cancer too.


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ENIGMA for those who are paranoid or download one :)



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Sorry yo hear about your loss Giorgio.

It is good that you were with her at the end.

Mike S

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