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After wanting an Esprit since I was about 8 I have finally bought one :D

Absolutely chuffed to bits with it. Has a few problems that need sorting but thats not a problem (I've been driving a Peugeot 205 for the last 9 years so am used to things falling off regulary!)


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Heyup Matt

That's a fine looking set of wheels you've got there lad, hopefully you will have hours of fun with it. I bought one a couple of months ago but havn't seen it yet, maybe next week if all goes well. I love that yellow colour, I should have waited a bit longer until one came up, but had no patience ended up with a good red one.

Be sure to post your experiences with your new toy regularly.


Too many Toys are never enough !

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Its not bad. It used to be the metallic burgandy/red but one careless owner wrote it off TWICE in 2001. Its was re-sprayed yellow then which I much prefer. It attracts attention everywhere it goes :D

Seems to have been put back together ok after the write off's, Ican't find any repairs which is a good sign.

The guages are all over the place, syncro is going on 4th gear and the aircon doesn't work and there's an exhaust blow somewhere but thats about it.

Unfortunatley the alarm fitters managed to crack the windscreen putting the binnacle back on which is a good start to things.

Picked it up for less than

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I bought one a couple of months ago but havn't seen it yet,

Are you sure the Somalians haven't got it? :D

Life is like a sewer, what you get out of it, depends on what you put into it. (Tom Leahrer)

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Hiya Matt

Welcome and glad to see the S4 contingent is growing :blush:

Nice colour. Actually the only other colour besides empire green that is suitable for the sexiest rear wing in town :animier:


Mind if I cut in ?

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Matt, the car looks great and I probably agree that yellow really suits the later Esprits. I like the way it has a couple of niggles, one involves pulling the gearbox, and one may be manifold in which case you'll end up pulling the engine with the gearbox. But you can take those in your stride it seems, so make the most of it during the nice weather and do those when you would not be wanting to drive it as often.

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I'll try and see if I can fix the exhaust blow as its very annoying but the engine and box will be out over winter for a full rebuild.

Think a new ECU, set of cams, flowed head and roller bearing turbo may be on the cards......

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Hi Mate,

Did you used to go on the 205gti forum? I think I remember your name from the time when I frequented the board...or I may be going mad! I too have moved over to the dark (or more brightly coloured) side! I had my esprit for about 15 mins before it broke down so I felt right at home!

Hopefully it will prove slightly more reliable than my old 205!

I am new here also so would like to say hello to everyone whom I will be begging for technical advice from!



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