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Lotus Sport 2-Eleven GT4 Supersport.


Left Hand Drive.

Developed by Lotus Sport from the highly successful and much acclaimed Lotus 2-Eleven, the GT4 Supersport has been designed to win in the 2009 SRO GT4 Supersports championship. Taking the production standard 2-Eleven as its basis, the car features a host of detailed changes that enhance the cars performance and durability under racing conditions.

270 PS Supercharged Engine

Developed to increase not only power but more importantly torque throughout the majority of the speed range, the engine uses a smaller pulley to drive the supercharger at higher speeds, delivering more boost. Revisions are also made to the induction and exhaust systems and engine management calibration to optimise the power and torque delivery. The four branch manifold exhaust system incorporates a catalytic converter as required by the race series regulations.

The engine mounts are replaced with racing specification units. These are designed to limit engine movement under high torque applications, improving vehicle response while the highly praised Lotus variable traction control and launch control systems from the launch edition 2-Eleven are retained.

The twin oil/air coolers specified on the road going supercharged 2-Eleven are replaced with a single oil/water intercooler located in the engine compartment. This both saves weight and reduces aerodynamic drag by being plumbed into the new uprated triple pass all aluminium radiator at the front of the car.

6 Speed Sequential Gearbox with LSD

The Supersports racecar features a 6 speed fully sequential dog engagement transverse transmission with provision for alternative ratios. Gear selection is made through a centrally mounted push-pull lever with manual lock-out control to prevent accidental selection of neutral and reverse. The gearbox control system is integrated into the engine management system to provide full flat shift capability on up-shifts and auto-blip to assist with downshifts. The transmission features a plate type limited slip differential and a twin plate metal clutch operating against a lightweight flywheel as standard.


The double wishbone front and rear suspension is uprated with race specification Ohlins 2 way adjustable dampers and stiffer race specification springs. These work to deliver tremendous response and lateral "g" from the standard specification Yokohama A048 LTS tyres, but retain a wide range of adjustment to allow the driver to fine tune the suspension characteristics to suit both personal preferences and the particular needs of the track and tyres being used. The rear suspension also features an uprated race specification rear toe link cross brace.


The racecar retains the standard ABS equipped brakes from the 2-Eleven, fitted with high performance racing specification pads.


The GT4 Supersport features a new combined front and rear roll over cage which meets all FIA requirements for international racing. Supplied with the necessary FIA approval documentation the rollcage includes horizontal side bars for added side intrusion protection.

The cars come equipped as standard with a single chamber 4 litre electrical release plumbed in fire extinguisher with twin nozzles to cockpit and engine bay as required by FIA regulations. A remote electrically released battery master switch is also included, with independent internal and external push buttons. A 70 litre fuel cell complying to FIA FT3 regulations is also fitted to the vehicle.

The driver's seat is a new FIA compliant design made by Lotus in Carbon Fibre for maximum strength and minimum weight. Mounted on steel side plates as required by FIA regulations, the seat offers a good range of fore and aft, vertical and rake adjustment to suit all driver sizes. The seat is approved for use with the HANS device and also features a revised head restraint location in order to improve driver comfort when wearing a crash helmet. A six point Schroth Harness in supplied as standard; mounted on eye bolts attached to re-inforcing plates in the vehicle chassis, this harness is compatible with a HANS device if required.

FIA compliant front and rear recovery eyes and water and oil catch tanks complete the statutory safety equipment list.


The car is supplied with full lighting in order to comply with SRO regulations, including a centrally mounted rain light.


A rigid tonneau cover is fitted to the car to enclose the unoccupied half of the cockpit, reducing drag and increasing the efficiency of the adjustable carbon fibre rear wing which is complemented by a non-adjustable front splitter.


Access to the cockpit is enhanced by a quick release steering wheel, while instrumentation consists of the Lotus Model Year '09 stepper motor instrument pack with integral lap timer facility and a separate LCD digital readout to show the gear selected.

Single Vehicle Approval

This car has been put through the UK Single Vehicle Approval process to enable the car to be road registered in the United Kingdom. This is necessary if the car is ever to be road registered since cars not put through this process must by law be identified as for track use only.

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