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ABS light problem 99 V8

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Hi i have a 1999 V8 with ABS light problem.

When i start the car the light is off but once driving the light flashes on,the faster you go the faster it flashes and when you slow down it goes back out.

I can get the light to do this by reving the engine hard when the car is still.

Has any one got any ideas.

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Hi Tony,

I found this in the service manual:

Condition Latched: With this type of fault, which is generally low or high voltage, the ABS tell tale will light, and

the anti-lock system switch out, until such time as conditions return to normal, at which point the light will be

extinguished, and the anti-lock be reinstated. The fault code will be stored only whilst the fault is present.

Based on this it could be a high voltage problem influenced by higher revs causing the alternator to generate more current. It might be worth checking how many volts you have whilst reving.

From a safety point of view, I'd have to recommend getting a professional view point on this.

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You need to find someone with a Tech1 and see what error codes are being generated, otherwise it's just guessing.


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Dont know if this helps, but.. Had a similar situation on my 98 V8. My ABS light would

come on at start, then go out after driving to about 5-10 mph. Brought it

to Lotus of Atlanta and Service said that ( as stated above ) no codes are stored

unless ABS light stays lit. He then said it was common for pre 01 v8s to do this. Again

probably a voltage hiccup. He assured me it was not an ABS problem ( or any other problem for that matter), just a gremlin. Feel pretty confident in the diagnosis since it was from a trusted Lotus service/dealer

From this I can conclude that unless it stays on the ABS is still operating.

Let me know if you come to any other conclusions


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