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engine cover fan (federal cars only)

Guest teigan

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everyone i know so far has their fans somehow disabled. there were some elementary design flaws in the mechanical and electrical engineering, but all fixable with limited skills. who else still has the fan on automatic operation, and if so, what modifications have you made?

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From what I was told at the factory last year, by the guy in charge of the model getting through the checks for sale in the US. The fan was only put on to blow all the readings on the meters that the officials were using! They couldn't get a proper reading due to the fan blowing the hot air all around the sealed cubicle. So they couldn't prove the figures Lotus submitted weren't correct. So they had to pass it. Now that's what I call engineering!

It wasn't needed! So they probably didn't worry too much about any design flaws! I thought most owners knew this and had dumped them long ago.


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i'll try that trick next time i need to pass emissions testing. however, now that i've redesigned it, it does effectively cool the engine bay. i'm considering bypassing the engine management relay, and letting it blow when the car is running. it came as a parked car only system, and mine is still as such.

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hmm... my fuel injected car doesn't even have one at all. I remember Wayne telling me it was because FI cars don't have to deal with vapor lock.


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Mine works, when it wants  :D Sometimes it spins even when I have just started the car (from cold). So it's got life an it's own  :lol:


if you mail me your circuit board, i can fix it for you, but without modification it'll commit suicide again. the 14 bit counter runs nonstop whilst draining your battery. i wonder if it was designed by lotus inhouse, or dumped off on lucas.

i'm trying to get a used circuit board mill, so i can compact and mass produce my redesign on a small scale.

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Mine's never worked in the 15 years I've owned it. Don't know if the problem is a sensor or the fan itself. It's on my list of things to fix, though not very high on that list.


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