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source for coolant & oil pressure gauge senders

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I noticed that both the coolant temperature and oil pressure gauges on my 1997 Esprit V8 do a "good" amount of on-and-then-off readings. On the highway, with a warm engine, the oil pressure is a steady 1/3 gauge reading (with previous owner installed 5W30 oil), then it falls to just above zero for short intervals, then you hit a rut in the road and it returns to 1/3 gauge reading. It always seems to work well in cold conditions . . . the warmer it is the more likely it is to have these issues. The coolant temperature readings also flicker and move yet the car is travelling at a steady speed in uniform air temperature. I assume it is a faulty sender switch.

Does anyone else have experience with such a scenario and how was it fixed? Also does anyone know a source (other than Lotus) for these sender switches? Cost as well?

Many thanks.


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I need a replacement oil pressure transducer too, mine shows a low reading but I've substituted it with a regular pressure gauge which shows 45 psi at idle which I think is OK. Howver, if I tap the housing of the transducer, the resistance varies wildly. So, did you ever find one?

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