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Car goes to stall, rev counter eratic and smell of fuel


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Looking for advice: My 1985 Turbo Esprit was delivered last night: So today I took it out for a blast. I noticed that at low idling if you are touching the throttle the car would hunt, the rev counter needle bounces from 0 to XXXRpm and then you got a strong smell of petrol.

I called the garage where I bought it to be told thats normal???

Also I noticed that once the engine got really hot the hood fan above the engine does not come on? I shorted the thermostat switch, no go...Tested the plug, had a ground but no feed. I energized the fan cables and works OK...Is this fed from a relay and if so where is it located, or is there another switch required to give a + feed.

While I'm at it...I noticed the engine cover has a switch and there is another "Breaker" for better words to the right of this switch, any help here?

I desperatley need a wiring diagram, any help???

Thanks, appreciated.

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I can't answer most of your questions except to sy the dealer is lying to say that the smell of petrol and the hunting and the erratic rev counter are normal. They may be normal for your car but not normal Esprit characteristics. Is the smell of petrol constant or just at idle? There are breather tubes in the enghine bay which go over the rear window to join the two gas tanks together. These tubes get brittle with age and disintergrate allowing fuel vapors to escape. That could be what you smell. Or it could be a fuel leak that is worse at idle when the engine isn't taking so much fuel. That would need immediate attention before your car transforms itself into a pile of ash at the side of the road as in this example.

Tell the dealer you have contacted other owners of these cars and yours is not acting as it should and he has to fix it.

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I would change all the fuel lines. Not a hard thing to do. Then change them again in 2 years, no matter what the mileage. Better be safe than sorry.

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The petrol smell is only there when the car is running. I noticed that in Over drive 5th gear there is no hesitation, only when you drive along at speed. if you are in 4th gear or 3rd gear the car starts to hunt and the rev counter goes erratic. The car feels like it is stalling but does not, then I get a smell of petrol...

Its as though I loose an electrical signal, and the fuel goes un burnt??? could that cause the smell...


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I checked the fuel lines last night and these have all been changed by a previous owner. The problem of the fuel smell and rev counter bouncing is when you are driving a long, drop down a gear, if you lightly touch the gas pedal the car hunts, the rev counter bounces around and the car acts as if its going to cut out and you get a gas smell.

If you keep your foot totally off the gas pedal it clears.

I really would appreciate any ideas?

If the rev counter bounces is that an electrical fault?

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