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Hi Derek,

If you know someone with an SE, you can use Espritmon to create a bin file. Just press 'n' once. It takes about 10 minutes since it has to get all the data over the ALDL bus, but it works, I tested it with my S4.

Good luck,


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yes, it really works, this is the way the AC DELCO guys designed mode 4. You can request the ECU to provide you with 64 bytes of memory at any location, including the ROM.

Espritmon fetches the ROM 64 bytes at a time using mode 4 and builds a .bin file in the working directory. I did a binary comparison with my ROM and it was a full match.

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Hi Erik,

Useful to know about Espritmon, thanks. Unfortunately I do not know anyone with a SE. I also have a Moates header that allows the Memcal to be read using a normal eprom programmer.


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