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End of Top Gear?

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As a huge fan of Top Gear, last nights episode ended with a strange sense of finality.

Watching last night, I thought it odd that with only three minutes of the show left, a feature on the V12 Aston Martin vantage was being shown - the end credits were surely not far away, so why feature such a car at the end of the programme & series?

As usual, it was beautifully filmed, accompanied by one of the most spine tingling ambient songs ever recorded, it was pure class again by the BBC. The rather odd way the camera panned from the windscreen, over the dash, past Jeremys arms and to his face, returning after his comments.

Fair point the car made him feel sad - "I just have this horrible, dreadfull feeling that what I am driving here is an ending" - but the sombre delivery, the poppy field shot (Blackadder goes forrth anyone?) and credits over the footage made it sound more like the end of the show than of the sports coupe.

Do they really thinlk cars will not be worth showcasing in the future - TG has long been an entertainment show rather than a consumer programme - or is there more to it than that?

The show has been criticised for running out of ideas, and I can't deny it has. The series produced Andy Wilman has blogged this subject, and this series would be "the same old $h1t" - but I for one would rather have the same old $h1t for 12 weeks each year than not at all.

Maybe its bubble has burst - Clarkson has ended TG before, the other two are now firmly established presenters - do they need TG anymore? Where else could they take it after 13 series?

What do you guys think and would you miss it?

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I'm not being a dog in the manger, but i don't watch it anymore anyhow.


Tuned in for the Evora and apart from that i've only seen the

star in the car clip of Brian Johnson, and that was searching

Utube for the clip after i was told he was on.

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Anyone notice Jay Leno's slip? He referred to Mclaren F1 designer "David" Stevens.

Won't miss it if it goes, but did enjoy the AM footage.


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It would be better if they got rid of some of the churlish buffoonery. Hey ho either way. I certainly wouldnt lose any sleep over the end of a TV programme. I fail to see the sentiment?

Caught between a rock and a hard place in a catch 22 situation, So its 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. Your damned if you do, but your damned if you don't so shut your cock!!!!!!!!!!!

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Over a third of a billion, that's 350,000,000 viewers worldwide, it's nowhere near ending.

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Definitely a Blackadder Goes Forth moment, but I don't think it's the end of Top Gear, just the end of the current makeup (and possibly line-up too).

The Aston feature was intertwined with his glumness over the constant attack the motorist gets from all quarters, through to the finality of Top Gear's present format.

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I have to ask myself what is the alternative - fifth gear, think not.

For me its good, photography is excellent and i like the light heartedness. But fro me I would like it to be a bit more technical and cover older exotic cars but then the ratings would drop.

Hopefully its not the end

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  • Gold FFM
Anyone notice Jay Leno's slip? He referred to Mclaren F1 designer "David" Stevens.

Yep, straight off.

Would miss it. Again not enough to lose sleep over, and maybe its got a bit samey after 13 series, but its still pretty good entertainment most of the time. As said before, its not a car show anymore, its an entertainment show. There is not many programmes where the wife, kids and myself all sit down and want to watch the same programme, but thats one of them. TV does not in any way rule our lives, and there are some good things on (mostly anything that doesn't use the word Celebrity) but cant think of another programme that I currently, really make a point of trying to watch each week when it is on.

If the worldwide viewing audience is that large, I can't see how it won't be back. Money talks if Clarkson walks. He'll be back. He's no mug.

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I tend to go with the view that it's far too popular for the plug to be pulled.

I expect it will be back, probably with the same presenters following the same format.

I would miss it. By and large its a giggle

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I have to say I only caught the last minute or so and I thought exactly the same as you. Maybe Clarkson was feeling a little down beat......could be something to do with public footpaths!

I do however share his sentiments about us petrolheads and how long we have got to enjoy cars like that.

I cant see the BBC ending TG yet though.

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Yes I'll miss it cos there's some really good footage with fantastic cars and some fall over laughing moments (in earlier shows).

Having said that...much of tonights episode failed to tickle. The overlong VW advert and the cool wall were really cliche'd and poor and I didn't think the Leno bit went very well (even apart from the gaff).

There a strong fan base loyalty (incl me - but then I watched William Woollard quite happily!) but they wont keep their third of a billion audience for long if they dont keep up their previous high standard.

Loving Lionel and Eleanor......missing Charlie and Sonny

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I must admit I watched it and kinda wanted my hour back, the scirroco thing was a complete waste of 30mins.

Def the worst series they have done, the only thing I found entertaining was the rally tour they did last week which proved the saying, sod new cars the old ones are miles more fun !

Why as car enthusiasts are we always feeling sorry and down about ourselves becuase we're under attack ?!?

Sure dont speak for me - no-one stops me having fun in the car, just avoid the trouble areas.

I thought it was a wierd moment (also hate the look of that Aston with all the silly stick on grilles on the bonnet ffs talk about ruin the on an Escort cosworth)

I watched some of the old TG on Dave recents and it's streets funnier and better, sorry TG fans but it's just approaching boring now and the drumming bunny crowd "do we want to see the lap ?" -- "yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss" (sounds like register when I was in primary school).

Whilst Clarkson laments the end of the world as we know it, companies are secretly building the next best thing - commonly refered to as progress.

....not a fan then ? :(

Edited by Jonathan

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I genuinely think it'll be back next season. The show has made the presenters and tbh, apart from various spots on talk shows and newspaper articles it's all Jezza does now.

I think it was a lament on what people see as the end of an era. I know in the Motor industry all manufacturers are moving away from anything bigger than V6 and all the Industry magazines harp on about trying to save the planet. I think Jeremy is right and the V12 will be the first to go, along with V10 and V8 is not far behind.

I think a great man mentioned this last year at the Lotus 60th. "We may have to redesign the new MES to take a V6 engine as we are struggling to hit legislation this year, let alone in 2-3 years when it'll be ready" One RB.

Maybe Jeremy has had a look at new EU legislation. By 2012 all car manufacturers must have an average Co2 output of 130g/km or be fined a certain amount per car made (in Lotus's case it would be circa

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


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Seems you all missed the comment Jezza made when talking about Schummacher taking over from Massa. Something about a window in his schedule with no cars to test between now and November.

Maybe the Stig could have his own series in the vain of Mr Bean.

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Don't think it was the ending of the show but understand the centiment behind it.

Thought the cinematography, music, commentary and more than anything else, noise of that V12 were fantastic in it, a true masterpiece!!

Basically everything they couldn't do when they were trying to sell a car they did not really see the point in!!

Would I miss top gear if it went.........a resounding YES. It is entertainment and without it dave would be a very boring channel!!

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Prob is the motor industry has been forced to change in a very short space of time.

Burning fuel in an internal combusion engine was always going to end at sometime, it's un-economically viable, inefficient and doesn't make much sense if you look at the big picture.

At the end of the day the next best thing comes along, in the car's case it is Hydrogen and possibly developments in solid state electrical power (ie of tesla ilk). Lotus have already made cars to prove green is still fun, overall I think it's a good thing to force innovation and ideas, I just wish our dozy government would support it more.

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This is quite funny every car forumn and blog has a discussion like this, theyare reporting everyones discussion in the broadsheet websites.

Reeled everyone in it has.

On the topic, why would the beeb slaughter one of its biggest cash cows just cos the industry over the next decade will phase out mega big engines unless they emit the same CO2 as an ashthmatic hampster. Wont do it, makes to much money and is just too popular right now.

I expect a new presenter next series, captain slow will be replaced by a female totty presenter who is a bit laddish and is a fast driver.

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I certainly hope it stays and as many have said, the popularity and money it genreates means it would be foolish to end it - but I don't think Clarkson works that way, even though the BBC do. They can have another five years from my licence fee.

Yes, music at the end was by Brian Eno.

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When people think of Top Gear most just consider the cars and the presenters. It's easy to forget just how fabulous the production is - sweeping landscapes, great camerawork, editing and fantastic soundtracks.

Also, with the massive choice of cars available these days it would be impossible to focus on everyday cars. Even if you were to concentrate on a single class of car you still wouldn't be able to cover all the main players in a TV show - even magazines struggle to do that. And it would be hideously boring for everyone not wishing to buy that class of car in the near future.

So they have to focus on supercars since everyone can enjoy them, even if no one can afford them. But you can't just focus on supercars since by their very nature they're aren't many around. Plus they wouldn't seem super for long if they were going through five a show.

Which is why they need the 'challenges' with lots of cocking around. I agree that, particularly with this series, they've forcing it more or rehashing old ground rather than just being spontaneous. But there have been some great moments this series, e.g. James trying to quietly park his teenagers car with the stereo banging away. But my favourite has to be their challenge of who can sit in a car for longest in the baking sun with the windows up, aircon off and heating on full. Clarkson bottled it at 62'C - probably cost them 10p to film but was simply inspired.

Edited by neal

May: DON'T hit it with a hammer!

Clarkson: Why?

May: Cause it's the tool of a pikey.

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I really enjoy Top Gear. I just watched the first of the new series, the one with Michael Schumacher and the Evora and the race with the XK120, Vincent Black Shadow and the steam train. Extremely amusing, highly entertaining and superbly produced. The effort that goes into putting that show together must be enormous. Very few other shows achieve such high standards and none of those is a motoring show.

Don't know if it will be back as British TV has a history of stopping shows when they are extremely popular such The Office, Fawlty Towers, but that was because the writer or star had had enough.

Regarding cars, I think we will see a few years of low performance, economy-orientated cars and then the performance will start coming back. Not necessarily through petrol engines but from some other source. It's be like the 70's gas crunch all over again. By 2025 we will be looking at a new breed of supercars.

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