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My 87 Turbo HCI has developed misfiring in the last 2 weeks. On start up it is fine when it gets a little warm it begins to misfire. If I accelerate it will pick up and misfire every so often. If I sit a a light for a minute it is running on 3 cylinders when I move from the stop. I can get it to fire on all 4 if I keep pushing the accelerator. Its at the point where I don't want to drive it. Any ideas or questions?

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Tried changing the basics on the ignition system yet?

When was your last tune up?

Something I learned about cars or planes, it all works until it doesn't anymore...sometime there is no way around it!

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Is it the Bosch Fuel Injected? If so......

You might try by starting with pulling each spark plug to see if the color on one indicates a certain cylinder it is missing on. If three are brown and one is black you located the hole. If it is one cylinder I would next check the injector. The CIS injector doesn't need much trash in it to "dribble" fuel instead of atomizing it. If it has been awhile (or never) that you have changed them you might take the opportunity to do so now. Very simple and a common Bosch part. Part number is stamped on it for easy reference. You will need seals as well. Any mechanic that has worked on early VW Rabbits and Sciroccos will have the tool to pull them out.

If it looks like al the plugs are black then I would check out the distributor cap and rotor and do a resistance check on the plug wires.



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