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Clutching, but no straws

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still say most likely cause is an incorrect repair to gearbox but hope not.

Still maintain that the fault is an incorrect repair to gearbox - but hope not

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Greetings NeverEndingClutchProblemWatchers, another day on the "Groundhog" Lotus......... I'm sure we've done enough to qualify for a PhD in Deja Vu.

That not withstanding, being true devotees of mechanical masochism, we only stopped briefly to trash the whole neighbourhood in a radius of about 1/2 mile until the spanner-rage dissapated when the newly supplied "this'll work fine" clutch plate didn't.

After a wealth of advice from various sources we decided, after another short period of head scratching which only served to get our hair dirtier, that fresh action was required.

It seemed that the only way to check that the newly skimmed flywheel was correctly dimensioned (or was that demented?), sized and stepped was to reduce the situation to one where it was the only variable.... the new release bearing having been checked for dimensional exactitude with the old one. The anarcho-syndicalist commune duly convened the requisite focus groups and quangos who rubber stamped the groundbreaking decision.

The old pressure plate and old clutch plate were duly fitted..... (in record time I might add!)

Guess what?

It worked, first time! No Noise, no fuss, no graunching.

Forward vehicular motion is expected tomorrow as we are off to drown our sorrows with a bottle of Sailor Jerry, best Port or anything alcoholic we can get out hands on.

In theory there is no difference between theory and practice.<br />

<br />

In practice, there is!

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In that case, I have two comments.

1) So which evening was it when we discussed using the old clutch to eliminate everything else? Wednesday?

2) I hope the supplier does give a refund for all components along with lots of apologies.

Oh and TFFT.

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Once we saw discs side by side, differences were obvious. Nothing to speak of between pressure plates, but we had to bite the bullet and put the old one in as a control.

Well, it works. A whole week wasted, on and off, but we have a running vehicle. Going to get started now, and hopefully have it all sorted tonight.

Control yourself, Andy, please...

British Fart to Florida, Nude to New York, Dunce to Denmark, Numpty to Newfoundland.  And Shitfaced Silly Sod to Sweden.

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It's simply an incorrect friction disc. No doubt I'll have the chance to make comparisons as soon as the replacement arrives...

Do you have a photo of the disc that did not work?

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