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S2 or 3 wanted for project

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Hi i am looking for a project what should i expect to pay for a car needing a rebuild. I am currently selling my motorcycle to fund this. I have plenty of experience in rebuilding cars and last year completed a 1977 911 with turbo body upgrade. Regretably sold now but looking for another project and always liked the Esprit. Guess i just like cars with the engines fitted in the correct place!!



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well done wayne

you have finally arrived at the correct place !

the lotus is most definitely the car you want to be happy re-building.

i reckon that you want to at the leaset get one with all the parts intact,try get an s 3 of if you have enough tin ,buy a turbo esprit .

if you have between 3 and 7 thousand pounds ,you should pick up a reasonable project.

good luck


Technically sound ...Theoretically poked !

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Well you can follow this one on ebay (which you probably are)

(If your not too bothered about originality this appears to have a 2.2 HC motor which would offer a significant performance improvement on the 2.0). Also not had a dodgy aftermarket 1980's sunroof which is a real bonus.

I reckon you could find something compete and restoreable for circa 3K (S2 or N/A S3)

cheers Steve

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Impossible to tell from photos - but its an 85 onwards galvanised chassis on 15" wheels, which is good. Dont like the look of the boot fit, but that may simply be a dodgy catch. Also seems to be sitting very high on chassis - dont know what thats all about. I suppose for the ballpark of 2-3K and as a project, looks reasonable value .

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the ebay car looks interesting with the nicer early S2 body with a later S3 chassis.

the front suspension appears to be from a later car which differs from the early S3 cars which are problematic with the triumph uprights.

anyone know what year these late G-body cars came with the updated suspension and can the be refitted to an early S3 if one welds on a extra tab for the lower wishbone arm?



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