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Is This Normal?

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I just pulled my gearbox for the Holloway upgrade. Now that it's off I notice lots off knicks on the bell housing, leading edges of clutch frame and fly like if there was shrapnel being tossed around. Now I am also missing the plastic piece that covers the window between the bell housing and engine. Also, my clutch measures 34.5 mm from edge of front pressure plate to edge of flywheel and the friction discs measure about 6.5 mm each. So wear doesn't seem bad. Prier to pulling the box, I had NO clutch issues at all and the splines on the input shaft are perfect. Here are some pics:




I also noticed that when you push in on one output shaft and turn, the spider gears clack but not when I pull out on the shaft and turn. Here's a vid of that:

Are either of these normal?

Thanks in advance.

'03.5 Final Edition Esprit ~ 5.7lbs/hp

mildly modded - 430rwhp, 353rwtq

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I don't recall anything like that with the v8 when i pulled the tranny... looks like something got into the bell housing and got completely destroyed... maybe a throwout bearing from the PO blew up and they didn't replace the clutch at the same time?

Modifying esprit's.. now that's fun..

PS... I AM NOT A CERTIFIED MECHANIC.. I Have chosen to help those in need, in the past and must not be construed as being a certified technician.

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Thanks Sanj. I'm about to pull the clutch to inspect it.


Damn Sanj, are you ever tired of being right!!!!!!! :o

One of the pressure plate springs did break. Although the clutch has almost no wear (I was able to get better measurements now that the clutch is apart), hot spots or anything; you can still see the machine marks on one of the PP's. So it's a shame to buy a new clutch just for that.

So, does anyone have a good PP with the springs for sale?

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'03.5 Final Edition Esprit ~ 5.7lbs/hp

mildly modded - 430rwhp, 353rwtq

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I just pulled my gearbox and clutch. Same thing here although there are no broken springs on the pressure plate, everything is perfect except for the worn out clutch.

something must have gotten in there somehow...

Mine has about 1/5 the nicks that yours does but there is evidence of something hitting the clutch carrier bolts as well.

go figure...

at any rate, I'm in for a new clutch which is quite painful financially.

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