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Ask the car owner. :)

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Hi Wayne,

Also consider other options for the G shaped esprit that your interested in, If you go for an S3 you also have the option of fitting BMW wheels as the bolt pattern is the same, the offset is different but spacers can be fitted, I used BMW Z3 M Roadster coupe alloys on the car a while ago 7.5" wide on the front with 215 40 17 and 9" inches wide on the rear with 255 40 17, cheap option to get nice alloys! And everybody thought they suited the car. It was hilly on this forum that came up with the idea of the rear custom spacers as he used avez alloys on his red s3 and the wheels made a dramatic difference to the look of the car and tyres are easilly sourced. Thats what got me started!

I know run compomotive motorsport rims fronts are 17x8 and rears are 10x18 and they work out fairly cheap but you still a spacer for the back ones. If I was going to do it all again it would be with image, there was an s2 on here the other day with a v8 conversion and the alloys on a G body just look stunning, but they are not cheap and have a long manufactoring time aswell!

Regards Danny


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Hi Danny couldnt find any pics of your car the other day can you post some larger ones for me to see. Also can you not source wheels for the S2 then in 17"?

regards Wayne

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Hi Wayne,

Will try and dig out some pics, Yes mate you can get 17" for an S2 but they will be custom jobs i.e compomotive, images etc, Was just saying that if you went for an S3 you could fit more aftermarket alloys! No dramas s2, 23 there is always some way round it :)

Slighty going of topic wayne but the s3 is definatly a good buy for someone new to esprits it chassis is galvanized so rust is not normally a drama as it was only the late S2 esprits that where galvanized, Also the s2 models did not have a top link on the rear suspension, Which i like on the s3, Not putting you of the S2 as they look cracking but in terms of work the s2 will need more.

Regards danny


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I am deffinatelly keeping my eyes peeled at the moment. Need to sell my bike first to fund it but hopefully it wont take long. Figured by asking all the questions now when it comes to getting the car i will have a portfolio of knowledge on the things i want to carry out. I am a bit of a perfectionist and can carry out all the work myself so hopefully i should save the pennies to!

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oi wayne

do youself a favour , get a g turbo esprit .took a mate of mine ,who also had similar porsche for a ride the other day - it blew his mind away !

there is nothing wrong with a n/a esprit but boy when the turbo starts whistleing there is not much to beat it , even by modern standards.


Technically sound ...Theoretically poked !

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Would love to but the budget wont stretch that far hence the need for a project. May look at an engine update latter just depends on how whatevr i get goes. Not hugely ino the power side as i like to just poodle along in something nice that grabs attention. Bit of a tart!! Time will tell.

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Just to show what other options you have, these are a few shots of my S3 which didn't make the PPC article last year.

These are Azev 'A' 7.5J 16 with 205/50 16 front, 8.5J 17 with 255/45 17 rear.





I had to use spacers on the rear to get to the required ET-20 offset as the biggest I could was ET13.

So while designing/making the spacer I added another 25mm to bring the rim edge closer to the arch.

Now from a geometry point of view is isn't great so you need to spend some time correcting the effects of doing this.

Fitting lower profil tyres will knacker it further, to something to bare in mind.

On an S1/S2/S2.2 you have the added problem of no top link on the rear suspension and adding offset like this will really put strain on the UJ and the gearbox output flange bearing.

If you intend to mess about with the car by putting bigger wheels/increased offset then I recommend you hunt out an S3/TE


1981 S3 4.2 V8 6 speed (The Mutant)

Mutant V8 Conversion Thread

Knowledge is power .................... apparently.


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Hey Guys,

These wheels are a direct fit onto the hubs. They were made by Speedline and the model is called "speedforce" They are 17" (anything smaller IMO doesn't look that good) The rubber on front is 215/45 and rear is 275/40. The front tyres kinda kissed the inside of the wheelwell arches when I hit bumps when first new, but it ended up being a removal of only about 2mm off of the outside corners of the tyres and no more kissing on potholes.

They are 3 piece and are super light. I can hold up the rear wheel and tyre off the ground (of course when they are off the car) with one finger (some straining, of course :) The centers are powdercoated a "magnesium"ish color, and the rims are polished steel. The center knockoff hubs are of course fake, but are so cleverly installed that even the tyre center thought they were real and dinged one up somewhat trying to get it off. The center black screws out, then the inner ring comes off revealing the lugs.

I can't find anyone who makes them now, as Speedline says it's a discontinued product, but I did find them on an option for the mid 90's AstonMartin, and the Ferarri F-40 as the "Speedline" option car.

If anyone else finds these, I'd be VERY interested to know, as I'd also like my 94S4 to heve these.

All the best,






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