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Timing belt, tensioners,rollers and serpentine belt

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I have a '97, and had Dave Simkin approve the installation of a 2001 engine after numerous problems.

It was installed in 2002 and has only 5000 miles on the new engine, yet the dealer has advised that the timing belts, tensioners, rollers, and serpentine belt have to be replaced every 5 years regardless of mileage. Is this so? Also, what happens to the V8 if a timing belt blows out?

Thanks, tim

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Hi ,

I know there is a limit on milage on the belts also that it should be changed after been fitted for so many years even if the mileage is nothing! So yes the dealer may well be right but there are people on here who know the v8 well and will be able to tell you!

As for the damage of a belt going, the lotus V8 is an interfearance engine, i.e the belt goes and the pistons hit the valves!

One word comes to mind EXPENSIVE probably the esprit owners worst nightmare!

Regards danny


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Yes, "Bang-crash-cha-ching" certainly comes to mind with a snapped cam belt on the V8. I'm not 100% sure on the cost for valves, however I've seen "low ball" prices at just over $50 each, so in a worst case scenario you're looking at minimum of $1600 for valves alone to replace all 32. Add in the cost of pistons which would also most likely be damaged during such an intimate encounter and you're looking at a few thousand minimum to put everything right again compared to a "measly" $2000 or so for full timing belt replacement including new tensioners and idlers at your friendly Lotus Dealership, likely less if you have access to a competent independant mechanic. I know Lotus recommends annual tension adjustments as well as full replacement every few years. My suggestion is if you have the funds, replace the belts at the very least, and inspect the pulleys and tensioners for wear as they may not need replacement. Mine went in a couple months ago and tensioners alone run just over $700, but replaced them all even though only one was bad enough to deem replacement as it had a sticky spot in its rotation.

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