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Long distance driving tip

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som time ago some of you may recall me saying I was doing a trip to Italy.

It was 1600 miles and I was doing it on my own.

I decided too go for an audiobook or two to pass the time and the result was

1566 miles.............26 hours.............Birmingham to Italy straight through!!

Wouldn't recommend to anyone who not nuts and a raging insomniac like me as it is tough but before the health and safety concious chip in and tell me I'm dangerous if I had felt remotely tired I would have stopped.

Funniest moments were the line of dicoveries waiting chunnel..........none of the new each other it would just be the eurotouring weapon of choice. The 200Tdi at the front broke down on the train at the other (imobiliser fault) The train guy said we'd have to get a tow truck which would take a while, I just got up a posse and arranged to push the car off. The train guys was on the radio going eerrr no need for the truck they are pushing it off and I can't stop them.

Got to the german Swiss border and saw a long line and an empty lane for passport control...........thought I just blitz up the empty lane drove up to the border control to find a cone at the front as that lane was closed. the guard came over and I waved my pasport at him. He said your sposed to be in that line I was said how do I get back there I'd passed about half a mile of cars, he just looked at me lift up the cone and let me through.......nice one.

At the swiss Italy border thought oh hang it it worked once so did it to the booth and there was no one there that I could see so waving passport out the winodw I blitz through.............8 miles later I was pulled over and told they were concerned I gone through passport control at 50. They were Italian border police and after a few minutes and a verbal slap on the wrists they just smiled and let me carry on!!

Then there was the Adriatic Autostrada.............the romans may be famous for straight roads but this is 469 miles motorway down the side of italy. Now don't be fooled, think of the best twisty dual carriageway you know of, chuck in a few tunnels you can probably think of maybe 1 20miles stretch of road like that (a couple in wales spring to mind) then, make it 269miles long.............thats the first part of this road!! awesome!! Shame I was in the Disco and not the esprit but then the family wouldn't have fitted when I got there but I wouldn't have wanted to leave the esprit there!!

Anyway thats about it really............would I do it again.............actually Yeah I would!!!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Well I know I couldn't do 26 hours (safely !)....

...but I also second the audiobook technique. Have been doing this for many years and its amazing how it works. Makes any journey hugely better than bearable - even regular long trips - eg the 3hrs each way to/from my Mum's. Did Perth to South Somerset in one hit a year or so back. Set off about 7pm and got back in the small hours...but no issues and not at all boring despite 99% motorway. If you do such things regularly enough, it can be worth subscribing to "Audible" or similar site as I do. Alternatively, your local library will probably have a reasonable collection to rent to get you in the habit. The only snag is you can find yourself sitting in the car at home or other peoples driveways after a long journey listening to the end of the story. :)

Loving Lionel and Eleanor......missing Charlie and Sonny

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Love the long trips. Done 1000 miles in about 18 hours to the same destination quite a few times - again in 4 months time.

Plug in dvd player for the kids is a must - it stops the 'are we nearly there quote' every 10 mins.

Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk - that will teach us to keep mouth shut!

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Yep, we did Norwich to South of France (right on the coast) in 11 hours straight. I really enjoyed driving it (though it destroyed the Passats front wheel bearing on the way home). Love those Motorways outside the UK and the countryside is amazing.

I would do it all again anytime, especially as the last 3 times we've flown the shortest we've been delayed is 8 hours.

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


Distributor for 'Every Male' grooming products. (Discounts for any TLF members hairier than I am!)

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In the van we play the flash and wave game, might not work with cars but...

Pick an oncoming van that you think will score, Flash your lights and wave.

If the driver waves back (thinking it must be someone they know!) then score

1 point, if they don't then minus 1 point. then your mate picks his next van, you

both flash and wave, he scores accordingly.

Kills the time, while creating hundreds of confused people.



Another one you could do, is when at junctions get everyone in your car to look

at the rear wheel of the car alongside with a very worried look on their face, maybe

get your passenger to point at the other cars wheel arch and shake their head with

a confused and concerned look on their face.

If the other cars indicators come on and they pull in to check whats up then score

Fives points, if they don't then minus 1 point. (success scores higher as it is harder).

Kills the time, while creating a really pissed off local driver.



Every time you have a BMW up your arse, wash your windcreen until you see his

wipers come on (1 point), keep doing it to a maximum of ten points and then (when

he's right up your arse) start engine braking. If his front valance dips to within 1" of

the road when he has to pile on the brakes, score ten points. If its a BMW convertible

with the roof down then score double on the basis you may have got screenwash on

the seats. There are no minus points, just you need to refill the washers.

Kills time, ruins a carefully cleaned and polished finish with screenwash.


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I think the cure for boredom is to drive a Lotus...! :)

A week ago I did 1080miles with my friend in his new Elise.

Bought the 2005 Elise in San Diego CA, and Drove it home through California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado.

pictures here





My friend Jason with his new perma-grin that he's had since he bought the Elise.


Sunset in Utah



The trip brought back memories from when I drove my Esprit home from Tennessee to Colorado 9 years ago.


Vulcan Grey 89SE

My Lotus Photo and Projects Album

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Last weekend we took a trip to euroquake 09 in Red Deer with John's (aerobat) V8 and S4, it was a 933km (580mile) round trip plus a 400km (250mile) mass cruise in the mountains. 5 esprits were in attendance :)

On the way back, we were all tired, so using blackberry's, we played eye spy between the cars :)


we havn't had a chance to talk to John about this stop yet :)


Лотос - для тех которые знают разницу

ENIGMA for those who are paranoid or download one :)



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I've just completed 4800klms round trip with two kids under 10. If somebody can work out a way of not getting bored then let me know. We didn't even get out of Queensland here in Oz. To get anywhere west of Brisbane you have to cross the "Wheat Belt". There's just nothing to see for 100's of K's.

Everybody waves at each other, even the Road Train drivers!

Below: The view ahead....and ahead....and ahead!


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Some more old pics from one of our many trips to europe (me and the car that is lol)

This is her sun-bathing on the French Riviera in Nice


And another one at Imola in Italy ( looking for an entrance to get on the track lol)


And another one on the way to the Mont Blanc Tunnel ( sound was brill in the tunnel)


In one week I done from here in North Wales to Dover then to Nice. Onto Monte Carlo then Florance upto Imola. Through the Mont Blanc Tunnel upto Tignes ( ski for 2 days) back upto Calais and then home. 2500 miles in total

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I think the cure for boredom is to drive a Lotus...! :doc:

I was about to say the same thing (great pics btw)

I'm affraid unless it's twisty turny I get bored VERY quickly - like 50 miles and then I just want to get there quick so I end up putting the hammer down which is a bit dangerous really.

Got to do Hereford/Wales again soon which is a chore, thankfully in the Lotus but seriously unless I'm having big fun I get bored within 10mins - France was nice, but again....zoom zoom oops forgot the speed limits are KMH and flash flash here comes a speeding fine.....

facebook = [email protected]

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