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Possible rear light upgrade..........

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I have found these lights on for a Toyota AE86


I think they look like the right lights that used to be on the GT coupe

They have a picture of the rear


At $80 for a pair would brighten up the back of the car !!!

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Don't do it. What ever you do it will be a mistake. The lights in this picture look awful IMO.

Looks too generic. It actually looks worse than the originals, again this is just my opinion.

It reminds me on my old 1987 Nissan Sylvia. Not that it was a bad car but it wasn't a Lotus Esprit


David Walters

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I have seen em before I think they would look really good if tinted up.

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Professionals built the Titanic

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I think Neill has hit the nail on the head with this for me. I think the light units themselves look great on their own but offered them upto an Esprit then I think they look awful.

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still say the clear indicator coversion that Dave (Dave aboves) has on his website is the best one to go for. Its cheaper than thos enad give a good updated look espcially if combined with clear indicators at the sides and front.

I prefer it to the 2002 look round lights too as I think they tried to stept too close to the dancing donkey with those. And yes i know the elise has round rear lights. the only one with this coversion I like is GKP's with the oval shaped colour in the centre. combined with the LED round lights I think that looks good too.

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This is what I did to update the Toyota tail light look...added led clusters within the tails....turned out nice!

With the brakes on...


and with the running lights...


Considerably brighter than the stock lights...actually keeps people from tailgaiting because the brake lights are so bright, they back off from the glare :)

But the mod is irreversible...had to cut large portions of the back of the housings out with a dremel.

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