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Purchased my project yesterday

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Hi Matt

Ye i will be doing all the work myself. Should be fun!! Famous last words. No i love rebuilding cars and after doing the 911 this was my next project that i was after. This is a keeper tho when its finished. Have you a link to your rebuild? How did you get on with it. Least you will have a vast knowledge of your car now.

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Best of luck with the project Wayne, was watching your car on ebay, makes my S3 restoration look a doddle.

Rusted bolts have been my biggest problem.. Now putting it all back together with all S/S fixings!

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Hi, good luck, mine was almost a total rebuild its very expensive and also very rewarding. I am only just off the M11 in Sawbridgeworth so I may call in some time to have a chat. In the meantime if you need help you only have to ask.

Good luck, enjoy.......


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Thanks Dave

When ever i am working on it evryone will be more than welcome to pop past. I will always update the forum on what i will be tackling and when.

Editted by Bibs - Wayne, please don't repeat the above post in each reply, there is no need and makes the thread much harder to read.

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another S3 esprit project. :) ..

good juck with her, you`ll swear at it, alot.. lol . but when you take her out on the open road for its first run, it makes it all so worthwhile :thumbsup: .

The red Esprit on Ebay is my old S3 which i sold to fund my yellow S3 (project on forum) the guy who bought it had an engine fire a year after i sold it :censored: . he now owns a turbo 86.

insurance company wanted

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Hi Wayne

You know that maybe you dont take the motor out , check all the bits,change the oil and maybe try run it .spray down the cylinders and hand crank it up.At least at this point you will know whether you have to do a motor - unless you can bench run it of course.

BY doing this you may have a better idea before any stripping- obvious things such as the tanks aside of course.

Anyway at least this vehicle should keep the missus happy - you wont have money to go to the pub and chat up the slags there now!



Technically sound ...Theoretically poked !

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My brother lives in Ipswich so i visit from time to time. I will deffinately be taking you up on the offer and same goes if your this way and i am home working on it. Which i plan to be as much as possible.


I would be looking at changing the cambelt and water pump so i guess this is done easier when the engine is out? Also my other reasons would be to completely clean up the engine bay and paint chassis, clean and degrease engine and box also, Want it all looking spick an spam under there.

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Hi Wayne - my project S3 is mainly mechanical - engine has gone pop in a big way and other issues so am totally mechanically refurbing it. Body and interior are thankfully not too bad.

Am not so good at posting photos up.



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