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I was just wondering what people are wanting or even expecting to be in the new Esprit. Now, I don't mean a bazzillion horsepower engine or any other technical details, but niceties, fripperies and features you couldn't do without.

I'm aware some will bang on about weight, but you have to remember this is going to be an expensive car and some things are expected at this end of the market.

I'll give you an idea of the sort of things I mean:

Interior storage - areas within the cabin to put 'stuff' such as phones/wallets etc

Boot/trunk storage - the Esprit has always been a remarkably practical supercar for weekends away.

Powerfolding mirrors - make it easy to park in the garage.

Reversing sensors - as above.

Bluetooth connectivity.

Ipod connection/control (including video).

A proper footrest for your clutch foot.

Keyless go.


With any luck one or two of the guys from Hethel will read our wishlist and contemplate incorporating a feature you suggest onto the new car. Go on, what do you want....?

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2 Valves!   Pushrods!    Why not head further back in time and go for a Ford side valve!      I would have thought thats the last thing car manufacturers would want?   Buddsy

TBH if you're going to source your engine you have only two choices for a car like the Esprit: Source the power plant form Toyota or Nissan where you will get a very solid, long living, but probably

What do you want in it?, Wish list.

What do most super cars have in the passenger seat!! A blonde with huge :sofa:

Only joking!!

Would love to see some modern stuff like you say blue tooth etc. Keep it fairly minimul tho to represent a race car.

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Sounds silly but adjustable steering column for both reach and rake. How I wish for this on my currect Esprit. I have thought about converting it.

Lower sill height, no higher than current Esprit. The Elise/Exige variants are too high. The Evora is border line. I know this is part of the structure etc so it can' be compromised but every little will help.


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Cup holders..............stupi I know but in a cabin that size with a dirty great engine behind, eve with aircon you need somewhere for a bottle of water!!

Oh and probably only front only ride height as per the Gallardo. would take some of the scaping noises out of my life!!

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Interior storage - areas within the cabin to put 'stuff' such as phones/wallets etc

Just as Graham stated above. That is what is needed on the next car...I cant find anything in mine!

This book is guaranteed to NOT change your life…but it does mention a Lotus Esprit...

To enjoy this masterpiece, download Martin now. Simples!!!

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For me I would be looking at all the normal creature comforts as per similar cars of its class and cost. Externally it has to have presence, closer panel shut lines, better finish, better quality mesh, the wheel arches need to be full of tyre and wheel, minimal gap between wheel and arch. A better built in aerial. Glass panels without the imperfections, a rear screen you can get to clean the thing.

And most important - retention of the current shape, and or profile a bit contraversial I think, but the shape is to die for. Possibly too late for some of this but so what.


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For me it has to compete with Gallarado and V8/V12 Vantage

That means as Dave has said all the above bits that are expected these days Bluetooth, satnave, climate, sensors etc and quality, quality, quality.

Decent mesh etc not a bit of chicken wire from the fence round the factory, decent trim on leather etc

Amateurs built the Ark

Professionals built the Titanic

"I haven't ridden in cars pulled by cows before" "Bullocks, Mr.Belcher" "No, I haven't, honestly"

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Having gone from the Esprit to the small, light and no frills Elise...

I'd like to see a balls out GT variant with nothing in it.

No back seats, no electric toys, no bluetooth, no sat nav,

no aircon, no carpets, no leather, no Ipod, no reversing

sensors, no fold back mirrors, heated seats, etc...

Am not knocking the standard cars NEED to have all this

ballast to be able to realistically compete in it's class, as it

really has to have all the toys to be taken seriously.

I'm just saying a proper stripped out car (without a poxy

option list that puts it all back on again) as a racing variant

would be a very brave and exciting thing to wheel out.


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I'm actually with Paul C on this.

I would love to see an all out version that you could take on the track and really give the beans. Almost like the original homologation cars they used to have to make for gt racing. Absolutely awesome and if they do what lotus do the very best and make it handle all the better!

From a driveability point of view Xenons would be nice though. And please no naff LED front lights!!!!!!!

Alan Croft

2000 V8 GT

87 Turbo Esprit HC

2000 Elise Sport 160

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Adjustable pedal box along with the full adjustable steering :sofa:


Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed. : Albert Einstein

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1) Low weight <1200kgs

2) Sublime handeling

3) Affordable <100k Euro's (although making profit for Lotus)

4) Beautiful and a proper succesor of the old Esprit. (The Autocar mash looks nice)

5) Mid engine

6) 300hp entry level 3.0 V6, And 450hp Twin Turbo 3.0 V6

7), 8), 10) To be a proper Lotus, not rivaling a Ferrari or Lambo, but a real drivers car. Maybe more focussed towards Porsche

VAN DER LEE Turbo Systems     -

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A standalone lightweight model would be a nice idea, but would it sell? Sure, Ferrari have moderate success with the Scud but the normal fully equipped car is the big seller by a huge margin.

I think there were about four V8 Esprits that don't have aircon.

But we're digressing slightly, I thought of another trinket I'd like:

Fuel/trip computer - with range to refill, mpg and a clock!

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Adjustable passenger seats!

It's not unknown for me to nap in the car on long journeys (anything over 15 mins!) and I'd happily forgo a couple of inches of leg room to recline the seat a little bit.

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How about that nifty acoustic sound deadening they were working on years ago, where did that go?

It's hard listing what the new model should have as we are really just coming up with a dream list for our own (outdated) cars. I'm sure there is nothing we can think of that Lotus have not considered. The only thing I would add is that "convenience" features like aircon, heated/ventilated seats, quickclear windscreens, etc are not always pointless indulgence; if you are comfortable as a driver you can go faster and further.

For instance some dafty decided my GT3 didn't need one touch windows, so I have to amble away from toll booths etc, one handed with my left finger finger on the button whilst the window powers up slooooowly, and unable to change gear. The Esprit was always supposed to be a sophisticated GT, and while many others have caught up and passed it in this respect I don't think that philosophy should change much.

Just my 10p.

In the garage no-one can hear you scream 

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Yes Dave, because all us women ever think about is make up and the constant application of it. How silly of me not to say something like that, thank goodness there are men around to correct me.

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Just a proviso for the cup holders...they need to be on gimbals to compensate for going around corners. :sofa:

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them, some just stink more than others.

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How about fitting this then i found it when i was doing my 1977 911 up

Nice one, but $100 a pair!

Can I just add another vote for an anti-speedbump front suspension switch

In the garage no-one can hear you scream 

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its got to have

1) wide ass seats for my wide ass

2) decent lumbar support - see volvo seats, magic

3) decent hifi with all the very latest ice technology

4) plug socket for normal plugs

5) complementary torch in glove box that recharges in there for emergency.

6) rear window projection of flashing trinngle for breakdown moments

7) chilled glove box for chocolates and sweets or pop

8) electro responsive liquid crystal glass to make it tinted or black for those private moments with a lady

9) it should be capable of time travel

10) full windscreen night vision to illuminate people or pets etc

Edited by Alex --GT3--
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I agree with the wide ass seats and please add plenty of room.....

Any silly sugestions for reduced leg room please ignore, some of us are tall ass gits, even when we are passengers! :censored:

Opening sill containers to store the luxurious fitted luggage bags as well, bit like the F1

Oh while were at it a central drivers seat and 2 x rear passengers, this will give them plenty of leg room and space to recline :)

Failing this, I'm sure it will be fab all the same! :thumbdown:

Chunky Lover

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