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What do you want in it?

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Interior storage - areas within the cabin to put 'stuff' such as phones/wallets etc

Boot/trunk storage - the Esprit has always been a remarkably practical supercar for weekends away.

Powerfolding mirrors - make it easy to park in the garage.

Reversing sensors - as above.

Bluetooth connectivity.

Ipod connection/control (including video).

A proper footrest for your clutch foot.

Keyless go.



No that's boring white goods stuff. The Esprit has always trod its own path, done more with less and kicked many butts along the way.


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TBH if you're going to source your engine you have only two choices for a car like the Esprit:



...Whether right or wrong, US-built engines have no acceptance in the sports car market. Pushrods, 2-valves belong to a tractor, maybe a Lada but never a Lotus!

It's a hard pill to swallow but check out the list...


Like grandpa's axe, it might be old tech but it's finely honed and polished, and can still lop a lot of tall poppies.


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Bibs, sorry, I am not English. I am not sure I understand your reply.

Do you mean I use inappropriate language? Or that I mention something that is out of context?

I also have a Corrado G60 and VW told me, that the reason the Recaro seats in that model, have lesser (read: smaller, more narrow) sidesupport for the upper torso is, that it was really meant for the US market, where some people seem to be somewhat wider, and having trouble getting into the car. Fortunately, I solved this by using the foam pieces from a Golf2 Edition One, which is bigger, more narrow and more supportive, plus having new leather on the seats. Problem solved. but it was a two year search to find the right parts and then the moeny. Personally, I use a lot of time and energy in eating healthy and staying fit and in good shape. Otherwise I cannot race bikes well enough.

On top of that, it seems to me, from reading some threads on here, that the later Esprit seats, sometimes mentioned as "comfort seats" I believe, are wider than both standard seats in the SE and the sport 300 seats, therefore offering lesser support, for hard conering, which was one good point for actually buying the Esprit in the first place. That is amongst the reasons why i bought one, anyway.

Sorry if I offended someone. no harm intented. Personally I don't care if people are slim or the opposite, as long as they are happy ;)

Anyway I, as usual, don't notice the date on threads. Sorry   ;) being new to this forum, just unveils a lot of interesting topics on everything Esprit and then some.

I think the "new" Esprit I've seen on the web is rather ugly and looks pretty much like the rest of the pack.

To me the Evora is just ugly, mostly the roof section. It looks out of proportion, sort of.

The reason for mentioning the telephone and audio connectors is, that I prefer to drive, not do something else while driving. And music is, to me, something I have spent a lot of time and Money in enjoying, to be able to listen to a high quality at home, if I cannot travel to listen to it live. In two weeks, I will fly to Eastern Europe, to listen to opera, as it's better there, than here, where I am, for example. Way too often, I have been exposed to some new technology that just makes it sound a lot worse. Each to his own of course. But i think a future Esprit should be a driving machine, not a mixture of what the others are selling. I think the nissan GTR is a joke. But a fast one, none the less   ;) But the sped is not all that is important. It's the way it does it.

Would honestly prefer a Sport300 with some modern big engine and Electronics to make it Work. That was my point. And I mention this, as I keep on reading that Lotus is under new management now, and someone is throwing Money their way, so maybe someday, a new Esprit will surface.

I also have a rare Laverda SFC1000 motorcycle, and speaking with others on what we could wish for on an eventual new model (Company dead), it would often turn out to be the old model, just with injection, as it's pretty perfect to us. but some 100 ponies more would suit the project too. The point is, that new is not always better. Look at Wheels for example. I think that many new Wheels are so strange and bad looking. I think they became this, because the designers are so desperate in trying to find a "Unique" desing that will act as some sort of trademark. Think Classic. Simple, effective and great looking, even after some generations. Take the S4s Wheels or the Ferrari 308 Wheels, which a friend jsut bought, for example. They keep on looking so nice. Always brings joy and pleasure to the eye.

I prefer the Sport 300 (without having one, unfortunately) by far, over the others and new model on the web.


Kind regards,


Nobody does it better - than Lotus ;)

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1. Glovebox,

2. QNX based digital dash, ICE & nav (as it can generate weight saving over old piece of crap radios)

3. two Cupholders 

4. probax seats

5. footrest

6. H-gate manual gearbox or Xtrac IGS tranny (no DCT, they are too heavy)I dream of a "dogring" gate but that is just a dream.

7. optional H.U.D

8. trunkspace or shelf behind seats enough for two fully packed carry on bags

9. Absolutely NO LS engine or Mopar or Ford (Unless ecoboost with Cosworth tech)

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  • 4 months later...

Fun to see how a several years old thread springs to life thanks to Jacques :)


Guess it died the first time since the new Esprit vanished from the horizon. Maybe I go a little OT here since I am not restraining myself to cup holders.


Dig up the moulds for the S1, but use carbon fibre to make the body. How much weight might this save?

Recalculate and redesign the backbone chassie and make it from carbon fibre with the needed reinforcements. In fact make as much as possible from carbon, wishbones, struts etc etc. Redesign the underbelly with scoops, wings or what is needed to improve cooling of engine bay and things like that. 


I am not really sure about the engine but maybe a V6 could suit the car. Now, I am no expert but I think the new Cadillac V6 3.6 litres twin turbo looks the part. 420 bhp (my guess is that 550 is not hard to achieve). Anyone know more about this engine?

Bolt it to an Xtrac 1007, 7 speed gearbox. Put paddles AND traditional lever in the car (like the Zonda).


Modernized interior, possible HUD, xenon, adjustable everything, ejection seat, rocket launcher etc etc :)


Aim for 898 kg (like the old S1) and 550 bhp, et voila!

Torque times RPM equals horsepower!

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