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Any vintage car enthusiasts on here?

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I'm toying with the idea of getting something prewar to play with. The obvious candidate would be an austin seven as they are not too expensive and the parts supply is pretty good. However they are a bit small! Any one got any recommendations? Spannering holds no fears for me so happy to do any jobs on it.

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One of my mates has 1930's racing MG's, they all look a bit 'Mr toad'

to me, but they are a bit bigger and he has a lot of fun with them and

there are superchargers and all sorts of things you can do.

One of his has a weird sextant like hand lever apperatus instead of a clutch???

A fair few grand mind, but they don't drop in value anymore.


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Looking at how much some of those are, a seven would be a better bet! The lesson on how to drive a model T was interesting, never realised they were quite so different to drive.

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Hey Wilf,

I have a really good friend who I go racng with who restores and works on cars of this era,

If you want PM me your number and I'll put you in touch??



Alan Croft

2000 V8 GT

87 Turbo Esprit HC

2000 Elise Sport 160

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I've always thought these Traction Avants were fabulous to look at. You often see them come up for a very reasonable price.

You would need to know your nuts&bolts&mig&English wheel&lots&lots of time!


"Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them." Albert Einstein

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Having been around when most of the cars discussed were still everyday cars, the one that I have always thought as a fun and simple car to own is the Austin chummy. Uses the 750 cc side valve engine and has 4 seats, but convertible, so no problem to take the family out on weekends.

If you can get hold of the video/dvd of the first series of James Herriot, it was his transport.

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I've always wanted one of those Triumph Roadsters the one with what I think was called a "Dickie" rear seat.

Apart from that did some say I could get a Lotus 7 for 4 grand, I'm on my way!


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Life is like a sewer, what you get out of it, depends on what you put into it. (Tom Leahrer)

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Hi Will,

I'm after a Seven as well, once I can get some garaging sorted! They're definitely the most cost effective way in to vintage motoring. My old man races a Frazer Nash which I drive but never race and that would be my ultimate but prices are bonkers and they're the sort of cars people hold on to. Your next best bet if you want something larger than a Seven would be a Riley 9. It all depends on what you want it for which king of dictates the price you'll have to pay.

Good luck with the search.


Pete '79 S2

LEW Miss September 2009

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