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I was gonna lay the mat today but cant find any cash to buy a brush LOL

Basically what I do is lay a coat of resin down onto the glass until it is tack dry, then lay the fine weave (180g) down over that so it pulls out nicely but doesn't crinkle and get too wet (same can be done with 200g carbon). Once it's ok the wet coat for that layer goes on and then I leave that to dry completely overnight. Then I build up the core with some 300g (it's like rope LOL) until the thickness is achieve and then another fine weave to finish the inside.

Cheap and easy but the main downer to doing it this way is that the edges have to be sawn and finished with resin which is not as good as not as good as making a complete negative mould and using the 1st layer of weave as a large overhang - after the last coat is done you can then fold the overhangs back over and it seals the whole job nicely. As long as it's sanded and sealed with the primer before spraying it should be OK.

Not sure on cost yet -

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Well I cracked the casting off this morning :



Came out really well, doesn't need a gel coat at all. There are very very few imperfections but it does need more layers, probably only has about 500grams of glass in it at the moment but it is quite strong and does hold it's shape - I reakon a few more layers of the heavy stuff and it'll be fine.

Really happy with the West system epoxy resin I used as opposed to polyester, it goes off crystal clear with no air bubbles at all - very strong as well and resiliant to cracking (bent some bits 45 degree without failure).

After more thought I reckon a roof material wise, should be about

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That looks spot on Jonathan!!

My glass fibring ( I have no idea how to spell that or of its validity as a word) are restricted to a bit of arch filling and the occassional bond!!!

With a layer of carbon weave on that will look really good!!

For the race car you could do the carbon weave and then only a thin layer of the resin so you could see the weave through the paint!! Very 90's race car!!

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Cheers, that is V1.0

Just looked again and it even has the xxx glass imprint on the resin LOL - it looks like glass itself !

I might stop it there and try again, the 1st attempt is good but there are a few defects I am concerned about looking at it now.

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