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V8 GT BRG For Sale. Glasgow


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I went to look at this car in Dec 2008 and kick the tyres on behalf of "getreal" a LEF'r in NZ who was interested in exporting a V8. He just missed out on a Titanium V8 which I think was bought by "buckster" in Edinburgh. I believe it had been for sale for a couple of months before that and checking the dealer's website this evening it looks as if it is still there.

I was thinking of going to see this car Bingoking but as it is a long drive from Aberdeen what was your findings ?.

Many thanks


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If you want a second opinion, let me know. Its about a 45 minute drive for me and they are open Sundays. Good excuse to take my favourite roads to the North of Glasgow and drop down to Anniesland.

Good to see they know their sports cars, its listed as an Estate.......

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I went to see this car for someone else almost 15 months ago and it had been there for at least 3 months prior to me seeing it.

Unless someone has bought it and traded it in to the same garage it hasn't turned a wheel other than for test drives etc.

I can't really recall much about the car other than it looked OK for it's age. I didn't start the engine or check fluid levels or other mechanical but you will see from earlier in this post that dazmans3 went to see the car and he has posted some photographs.

I can recall that it had about 53k on the clock and 5 owners, the last one was in Falkirk.

I am really sorry I can't be more helpful and I can't spare the time this weekend to have another look to refresh my memory and take some more photographs for you.

Have you spoken to Graeme Robertson at Murray Lotus? He may know the car and if it was serviced at Murray's, Craig Moncrieff (service Manager) may have some info. I know Graeme had a V8 in recently for sale but can't see it on his inventory list today.

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Hi, just to really back up Brian. I stumbled upon this Esprit by accident well over a year ago - I just happened to be passing the showroom and thought I'd jump in to have a look - they often have some very exotic stuff - Diablo's, Ferrari's etc. The Esprit was in decent condition for its age but looked a little tired. My only bit of advice is that if you fancy it push hard for a bargain - as we've confirmed, the car's been taking up valubale space in their showroom for over a year so they'll be desperate to sell it! :-)

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I know Graeme had a V8 in recently for sale but can't see it on his inventory list today.

That ones gone Brian. I was in Murray 2 weekends ago and had a good chat with Graeme (he is still trying to get me into an Evora). It went to an existing 4 pot Esprit owner who wanted to upgrade and do more touring. It was very tidy in Tourquoise Blue but a tad overpriced I think, but no doubt included service/MOT and Warranty.

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a tad overpriced I think

Obviously not if it sold!

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