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Turbo Reliability

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Right now my clutch is being replaced, and as such the exhaust and turbo are off of the car. Is it worthwhile for me to order a new/rebuilt turbo just for the sake of preventative maintenance? Or do the units not fuss enough to warrant something like that? I don't know the specific maintenance history of this turbo, but it is a 1985 with 36,000 miles.

If I'm going to do it, I'll do it today so that they have it tomorrow for installation this week. Ideas?

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Turbos are inherently extremely simple devices, just a shaft, some bearings and a compressor and turbine mounted on the shaft. As long as there is no evidence of the extremities of the compressor or turbine blades biffing against the housing and there is no great movement of the shaft, it'll be fine and replacing it would be a waste of money, imho. My first turbo was well knackered with chunks missing from the compressor vanes, but still made max. boost with no hassles. They're basically a truck part and should last for hundreds of thousands of miles.....

Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been." - Albert Einstein

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So what trouble have you had, to make you suspect the turbo? Mine was still delivering max. boost through the waste gate with great chunks broken off the compressor blades; only noticed it when I took the engine out to do the crownwheel and pinion in the gearbox! I bought a recon turbo then...and years later, when the engine started to produce great clouds of smoke (see my very first thread.."Bridge to engine room...make more smoke!") I bought an overhaul kit from A US firm called the GPOP SHOP and did a rebuild myself.

Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been." - Albert Einstein

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I left another post about a massive oil loss last time I drove the car. With there being no oil running to it and spinning at 110K rpm (or something like that), I am pretty sure it won't have done it any good! The first I knew about any problem was the unbelievable amounts of smoke out of the exhaust when the turbo wound down last time I drove it.

I've only just found the time to have a look this afternoon, and until I first find the source of the oil loss, and second take a look at the turbo I won't know that this is the case. I hope a replacement isn't needed but I am preparing myself for the worst.

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