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Restoring an old 80's Kuwahara ET BMX

Splodge s4

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This is my actual bike from Christmas 1983 - I loved that bike more than anything & rode it everywhere, I broke the world record for front wheel hops (at the time the world record was 140 & I did 165) & over the years it was sprayed white, green & finally blue. Theres not many bits that I didnt break & up graded but the frame stayed strong.

Now its 2009 & the poor beast resides in a damp shed feeling abit sorry for its self :). Time to restore it to its former glory & get it back to its original condition. Heres how I found it 3 months ago in the shed where I left it 10 years ago:


Getting it home:


'Eddies handles'


Skyway spinmaster!


Mushroom II's!


Then down to work, out with the spanners & i was amazed how easily everything came apart. the bearings well still well greased & nothing was a problem. Some bits like the haro tyres had seen better days.


I then began stripping the paint, just using a bit of wet n dry sanding paper & it came off pretty easy


The weld on the tube on the right was actually done by my Gramp at Rolls Royce. He took a break one lunch time & stopped making Tornado engines at Filton to weld a small crack that started to appear,probably the strongest bit of the frame!


After 3 resprays in its life I was surprised to find original red paint:


Back to bare metal & ready for the first undercoat:


First coat:


After completely screwing up the first attempt at the white I decided there was only one thing & that was to start from scratch again. So paint stripper, rubbed down, bare metal, undercoat then white again, second time around & it went beautifully, no runs, good even coat, well happy. I was then on the look out for the right red, as you know its more of a metallic deep cherry.

Bits & bobs kept arriving, I was keeping an eye out for a 44t sugino black chain ring & the elusive Elina Et seat. Seen a couple selling between

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All you'll need to do is to either put yourself in an ACME auto-shrink machine or find a small child who can ride-break-repair-upgrade and you'll soon have a mountain bike.

Seriously though, great dedication and skills there mate. Well impressed.

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That looks ace, nicely done! I had a Raleigh Burner first before moving up to a Skyway TA with white mags. :)

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I'm refurbing my old 1986 Kuwahara Bravo KT.

I gave mine to my nephew, and he didn't take care of it. he wanted a new Tony Hawk (walmart bike) and didn't appreciate the Kuwahara....

His little friends had never heard of one, so they though it must not be very good... So he gave it back to me. So far I have found all the original parts in the correct colors, except the grips are a little off blue.




apparently I never took a picture of the whole bike but this is what it looked like



Vulcan Grey 89SE


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Cool, I sold my old Momgoose on ebay last year got over

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Professionals built the Titanic

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the only BMX guy i know over here is Holger (streetz in LEF) ! you should get in contact with him... .


to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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I rode the motorized variety in years past. Still have the last one sitting in my garage. Yamaha YZ490, an unholy terror. My days of riding that monster are over, though. My desire for that sort of thrill is exceeded by my desire to remain in one piece.

Found my first bicycle, or what's left of it. Western Flyer, gold with a banana seat. Frame is corroded beyond rescue, sadly.

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Am really loving what you have done here mate, like saving an old friend i'd assume.


Gets me all nostelgic and i've been looking up old Powell Peralta Skateboards! I don't

have mine anymore. But i found an old Mike McGill XT-Boneite deck for sale and thought

about it for a second...

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