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Bilstein Shocks

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On 07/02/2018 at 21:59, brian_gt4 said:

Engineering did release assembly instructions to Lotus Service for publication and inclusion in the Esprit Service Notes. I don't know why this has not been done.


On 08/02/2018 at 14:15, Giniw said:

As for the service notes, maybe we (I) just don't have the latest revision ...

FYI I asked Steve from SJSportscar if the services notes he is selling included the LOTAC shocks and springs notes, and he replied that it doesn't include anything on that subject.

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On 08/02/2018 at 17:22, Giniw said:

A bit like that, although I obviously exaggerated the diameter difference (and I put the smaller coiling at the bottom but that is totally random)

It was the other way round, the tapered side is at the top. But there is no real problem there, as they cannot be fitted the other way — the larger side don't fit in the external centrer of the upper cup, and the tapered side probably don't fit over the internal centrer of the lower cup.

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Sorry to bring this old topic up again, but on my SE, I've never seen those tubes that sit there inbetween the rubbers and special washers.

I also cannot find a drawing about it. Furthermore I used the two nuts setup when doing my suspension, as per original.

Both the old and the new rubber bushings measure the same in dimensions, and the red polyones from Avo, measure the same as well.

So, am I missing those bits? Or is it a Giugiaro thing only?

Kind regards,


Nobody does it better - than Lotus ;)

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That's what came with mine. For a while I thought there are too many pieces, but upon skimming trough both threads I came to the conclusion, that all pieces are required and should be skewered as in the pic.




Also see this thread:




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11 month old thread revival :)

But anyway.. since then, has anyone fitted these dampers to the front of a pre-85 Turbo?

In theory it should be possible to just leave the spring platform off. But on the other hand I currently have factory post-85 shocks on the front which I cut off the spring platform from, and they dont feel right. You can feel the shock going to full extension and making a knock when coming off speed humps, even going very slowly. So I am wondering if the pre and post 85 shocks are slightly different lengths.

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Yes, an old thread, but the information is still fresh and appreciated.

To all:  Have you installed the C-clip supporting the perch into a lower or upper groove  on the Bilstein damper barrel?

Have you checked the ride height after shocks change?  How and if it was affected?

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Sorry, I mean I fitted the standard factory black ones from post-85 on a pre-85 (pre-85 no longer available). Not the Bilsteins (yet). But I am concerned they might not be right.

They dont have any spring platforms on them at all now, as I cut them off. Pre-85 cars have the lower spring platform on the lower link.

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