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What colour wheels?


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Have you seen chrome powder coat befor. IMO it is not a great finish and you may be dissapointed. I would reccomend polishing the rims and then having them clear powder coated for protection.

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Polish and leave is hardwork i did my R6 bike frame and swingarm. Lookied great but a whole load of work to look after. Best bet is to clear coat with Powder coat. Also have you tried paint stripper tons of it and then high pressure washer? May work or just give them to s trippers. Could have the centres powder coated gold to but more cost etc

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I personally think your wheels look great in white, I liked the look of your car when first saw it,

p.s never mind painting the wheels get the thing on road and cosmetics will soon be the last thing on your mind with that v8 howl and much faster sppeds and a grin thats hard to hide! trust me.

Regards danny


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Danny, yes know what you mean about the sound and can't wait to drive it again, it's been over a year now since i took it off the road.

While I'm waiting for my radaitor to get finished and my new fans to arrive i've started looking at other bits and pieces...which sort of asks the question just how far do you go!

Anyway it should pass the MOT, although the shockers are ok although they look terrible.

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Hi Buddsy.i have polished two sets of bbs wheels on both of the esprits i have owned.Iused paint stripper on the rims then scraped off paint with a painters scrape triangular in shape .i know its hard work .Maybe some thing to do with the paints priemers used on alloy wheels.But once through the paints .progressive grads of wet and dry .Then use soap filled brillo pads .............Dont tell the wife............and keep going untill you can polish with solvite etc .But it can be done at very little out lay .Good luck Mike

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Although, your graphics are red, why not do the wheel centres red instead? I remember seeing a batch of G cars with colour coded wheels to their graphics, black, gold and red, they look quite good actually.

Will have to find a pic and show you.

Adding power makes you faster on the straights. Subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere.

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Spotting is very fine filler, you can also high build primer to do the same job, one manufacturer of the high build primer even calls it 'high build primer with spotting. I'd think it'd be easier to do the spotting seperatly but I'm sure the other would work too.

The silver I used isn't the hyper silver, just alloy wheel silver paint, I applied it with an aerosol so it really is a job any one can attempt at home. My wife's green house was empty so duruing the summer it was ideal to paint in (funny she didn't agree it was a good place to paint) when the wheel was ready to paint I placed it in the green house for a while to heat up and then applied lots of thin coats of the silver, with the heat the paint dried super fast!

The only thing that was brushed was the black, engine enamel would be perfect, I wish I'd thought of using that, I used a hamerite version.

If you are painting your centres by brush don't be disheartened after the first coat, it will need two costs. The gold might need more. I didn't mask when I was painting the centres as I didn't wnt to lift and new paint from the rim. I have a steady hand so just took my time and painted to the line that is on the rim already.

I think I spent half a hour doing each coat of black on each rim.

I hope this helps!

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