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Cigarette lighter won't charge phone

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Hi guys

Have solved radio cutting out when braking, reversing etc by tightening loose bolt on alternator (shoddy engine builder if you ask me!).

Thought it would solve a problem with cigarette lighter.

I bought a charger with multiple charging 'ends' for my phone (and everyone elses), I pod etc.

Funny thing is that some of them will charge and others won't!???

Anybody else had this problem? And if so is there a way to fix it?



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If some of them charge, I can't see how its a problem with the cigarette lighter itself.

I had one of those multi thingys ages ago, I know it was supplied with a voltage adapter for use with certain phones, I know one of my Nokias wouldn't charge without it but others would. It was very hit and miss to be honest.

Chunky Lover

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It was an old type nokia with the larger adapter. N96 I think

Did it not come with the voltage adapter then cause I would have thought it should have.

Mine was a small grey rectangle thingy with a USB in and outy bit. Thats about as accurate a description as I can muster up.

If its of any use, and if I can find it, you can have it!

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Chunky Lover

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Yeah they do that - I dis-assembled an iphone charger and found out its a lot more complex than just applying power to certain pins as you might expect.

Dumb if you ask me, EU agree and soon all phones will have a standard jack plug type charge socket :evil:

Apple are terrible with this, they make it so you can't use 3rd party equipment so you have to spend

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how can a cigarette lighter charge a phone ?

it is used to light the smokes -dummy.

just thought i would make it light hearted .

check the socket ends -probably need the earth cage bending inwards.


Technically sound ...Theoretically poked !

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