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Carb Balancing


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Hi All

Never done any carb balancing before and as I'm about to start a rebuild of mine I thought it best to seak some advice.

Any recomendations on carb balancers, where is the best place to pick one up from locally?

Are there any initial setups I should observe, guess there may be a little information in the manual so I'll have a look whilst I go along.

Anything you think I should look out for?

Chunky Lover

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I've only done Delortos once (this car) First make sure no air leaks, spindles have no play and seals all in good shape. I have a sonic leak detector to check for air leaks. You can get close with the butterfly settings just by eye before fitting them. Then the screw and and spring link between the 2 get it so both lift off the stops simultaneously.

I think that's about all I did, it's not so critical with a turbo. Many years ago had a device that clamped to the venturi and sucked a bead up a calibrated pipe type of thing, and you got it to same mark on both, but I reckon I can get pretty close by eye and ear.


There's probably some good books or web sites, maybe even specific.

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A Morgan Carbtune monitors all 4 venturi at the same time so is pretty useful.

1. Make sure all is in good condition and you have the correct jets & set float height to spec.

2. Adjust 1 bleed screw on each carb to account for manufacturing differences (There is no way you can set the individual venturi bleed screws without a balancing tool).

3. Adjust balance between from & rear carb

4. Adjust mixture (I simply do this by eyeballing the sparkplugs to make sure they are identical & a good colour - Also checking for no 'spitting back' and other general indicators of mixture) In my experience, the 'book' CO2 mixtures are not achievable.

Its all detailed in the manual, or generally on the Web. In my view its critical to do it properly for a good tickover & pickup.

cheers Steve

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balancing carbs can be beneficial, ensure everything ignition wise is sorted first. I made my carb balancer, cost nothing and its basicly a long tube on a plank of wood with a u bend in it and a bit of oil on the bottom. I was going to youtube the procedure if anyone is interested

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Do yourself a a Morgan Carbtune. Individual tubes, one for each all becomes much simpler. For a rough and ready method, short out each plug in turn and check/adjust for equal rev drop for all cylinders.

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