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Elite (not the car)

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Jesus for a 25 year old game it's quite impressive really.

I was 6 when we got a BBC and Elite was def the best game, why dont they do anything like that on the PC or even the iphone ?

(I supose there is EVE but you have to be budsy with 1/2 million people to get anywhere)

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The early games on a lot of computers are simply the best, the graphics are pants but the gameplay was simply addictive!

Im quite a big retro gamer and have bought a lot of old computers i.e amstrads, atari to play games at times when me and my brother can play old games on when we see each other every now and then, just like we used to when were kids!

Have even tried those pc emulators but cant ever get them to work hence buying the origanal old computers :)

Regards danny


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I loved that game soooo much. It started me on my love of strategic games. I love the whole mix of fighting, resource management and trading. Not been many games like Elite though! Classic!

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Oh the memories! When all the other kids at school were gawking at the decent graphics on the Acorn Archimedes, I was sat there on the lone BBC Micro (or Acorn Electron) playing Elite!

Still got and play regularly Frontier Elite 2 and Frontier First Encounters! Never found the Thargoids though.......but they are out there apparently!!!!!

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Thing I hate about modern MMO's is the TIME..........I play games once a week or so just to chill (ok there is one I play a lot more) but modern games are great, but the time you have to put into them is a complete con and geared around making money and using all your time up.

I know people who have that warcraft thing and spent probably months of their lives on it and paid for the privlage.

Totally obsessed with Hearts of Iron at the moment though...

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The early games on a lot of computers are simply the best, the graphics are pants but the gameplay was simply addictive!

So true. I have fond memories of selecting the Kempston option and

sitting there, waggling my joystick to jet set willy, manic minor and chuckie

egg. Not to mention all the ultimate games like Knightlore and underworld.


Much better than todays stuff. The computer game stuff now is less like a

game and more like a sad closeted substitute for having a healthy social life.

My fondest memory was the 'gauntlet' arcade game. When me and my mates

were about 9 years old, we got the bus into coventry on our own (our parents

would be locked up for allowing that now!) and we'd spend the day in the arcade

by the Parsons nose chip shop, playing the four player Gauntlet: "Warriors life

force is running out" etc etc...


Ace! :D

Nowadays it's some spotty teenager with a headset, sat at 2am in the morning, trying

to 'take a hill' with the help of some sad middle aged bloke who's wife went to bed hours

ago, hating him.

It's just not the same, things were better when the simple things were mindblowing!


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The bbc version was the best.

I played it to death on the amiga i had.

tharglets were always cute lol.

Funnily enough I was hunting through the loft the other day and found the story book that went with it. Do you remember stealing the ship from the graveyard??? TWOC ing in the space age!


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