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I dont recomend metal ready at all - esp on galvanised surfaces.

It's too good at stripping metal to it's bare bones that it exposes it to rust almost immediatly.

I soaked parts in metal ready for ages, then washed the stuff off and dried them in the oven only to find rust forming....

Later I used electrolysis to remove rust and that worked a lot better (Faaaaaaaaaaar cheaper too, ie pence vs

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I'm expecting my new chassis tomorrow. Whist I'm planning to give the suspension arms etc this treatment, is there anything to be gained from painting a new chassis? Other than it will never be as easy to do again!

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I did mine simply becuase it looks better and is more protected.

When Galvanising does weather and dirt grimes in on it making it hard to see any problems, paintwork wipes clean like a plate, any imperfections in the paint can unmask damage to the chassis ?

Thats the way I saw it.

It's not necessary, just nice and looks good.

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Word of warning.

In my experience, the stirling silver topcoat from Frosts is SHIT, yes that right, in capitals as well just to make sure you hear me.

Just handling the parts after they had been topcoated and left to dry left my hands bright silver. Add WD40 to the equation and the stuff just started going not just soft, but wet and rubbed straight off.

POR-15 base seems good though, although having the car up on stands with no wheels for so long now means all my painted bits are a lovely golden shade.

Painting the 'NEW' chassis will just help you keep it clean as everything will just wipe clean off like Jon says, but it wont make any difference to helping it stop rusting.

The only part on these chassis that seems to ever go bad is the area under the exhaust manifold on the turbos and thats about it.

Your choice.

New chassis though.... Sounds exciting! :rolleyes:

Chunky Lover

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Yeah, I'm sure I dont really need to paint it but, like you said, its new, spangly etc. Good job you can't get glittery POR15......

"Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them." Albert Einstein

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