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S2 Brakes

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Merry Christmas and Happy New year to everyone :blink:

Does anyone know of a front brake upgrade for a 79 S2 ?

I want to fit vented disks and better calipers but all i have seen are for 1981 onwards like the ones from PNM etc.

At the moment im standard with green stuff pads.

Also just out of interest who's signiture is on my 3 spoke steering wheel?? I cant make it out.



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You having a problem with your front brakes Mike?

Alot of the time, I find changing the fluid, bleeding it properly ,Installing new rotors /pads and bedding the pads in properly makes the world of difference on older sports cars.

Of course they arent as sexy as AP racing or Brembo stuff, but if they work good enough to lock up the front wheels repeatedly without any cronic fade, so what? :blink:


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I don't think there is a brake upgrade without major surgery to the suspension etc. I looked into it a while ago and all I could find were the ebc pads for the front and grooved discs for the back (they hadn't managed to make a pattern for the rear pads at the time). I put greenstuff pads up front and cant honestly say they made much difference - stopping power is still appauling!


Pete '79 S2

LEW Miss September 2009

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Perhaps a local upgrade for a Torana will fit. The Holden boys are bound to have something available.

Had a look at LC Torana and the front suspension looked the same as Esprit.

The GTR-XU1 was the hot one so probably had better brakes.

EBC list rear pads but don't stock them!!

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Actually Lotus by Claudius has a wilwood brake upgrade for our cars. I stopped by his shop yesterday and saw a set on his sons S1. Beautiful upgrade, but prob pretty pricey. Not sure how much it costs. Here is the webpage...


My Beautiful Car


ribbon200.gifProud to be a G-car ownerribbon200.gif

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