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I have just tried to re-start my 1987 turbo HCI after a two months rest but it won`t start.

I have the impression that the fuel pumps are not working for they are not making any noise.

I have checked:

. the fuel pump cut off / inertia switch

. the 7.5A fuel injection fuse

. the two 15A fuel pump fuses

The fuel tanks are half full.

Any idea ?


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Not sure on yours but on mine I put the ignition on, crawl under the car (near side) and give the fuel pump a tab with a blunt instrument. You should hear it suddenly start clicking and then you're sorted.

Tends to be like that when its been standing a long time.

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If you are still looking for the fault, what I would suggest is that you get a test light. It is a small metal cylinder with a light inside and a sharp probe on the one end. The other end has a wire with a crocodile clip attached. Put the ignition on and lay under the car left side middle and you should see the Bosch pump bolted to the inner metal plate. carefully remove the rubber covers from the two terminals and again, very carefully attach the crocodile clip to the one terminal and put the pointed probe on the other. The lamp should light up. No light, no volts, no fuel.

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I have tried lightly striking the pumps but they still did not start again.

I replaced the fuel pressure accumulator and it slightly improved the situation.

But the car still did not start everytime normally.

I then discovered, after having heard a ``click`` coming from the coil box that the car would start after I stroke the relays.

Still, I don`t know which specific relay is faulty although one seems (a fuel pump relay) to get a bit hot just after the engine finally starts...

I guess I should replace them all to be sure ?

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It certainly sounds as though the contacts in the relay are arcing. I would just replace this relay and see what happens. This one must be supplying the voltage to the pump and arcing contacts would stop the pump working.

Biggest problem with these relays are if water ever got near them. Similar problems to headlamp relays up front of the car. I have replaced all mine.

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