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1989 N/A running on V8 AW1 wheels

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I have just acquired an '89 Esprit N/A running on AW1 V8 wheels with 35 profile tyres front & rear with standard suspension. The ride is exceptionally hard and the steering follows every minor undulation in the road to a level of being unsafe.

According to literature V8's should run on 40 profile front tyres but maybe they would rub on N/A wheel arches? Are these wheels unsuitable for this car or with some suspension modifications the problem could be rectified? Or maybe returning to standard wheels would be the best way forward.

If anyone has any experience of this any information would be gratefully received. :blink:

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Have just looked on lotus esprit world at there model specs the sport 350 used 35 profile all round and most esprit v8 used 40 profile front and 35 rear!

the last owner of your car may have fitted 35 tyres due to them rubbing on hard cornering on the front! i think 35 profile is a bit to low for your car as the suspension cannot handle it! thats probaly why the sport 350 had 35 profile because the suspension was built to handle it!

the bumps you are feeling are not only damageing your car but are also dangerous i would presume!

changing back to the standard 89 wheels would be a good idea, But if your like me i dont really like the origanal alloys so changing back would be a shame as the stevens cars look so nice with the later alloys!

If i where you i would sell or px the alloys for the GT3 alloys which are 17" and

look better than the origanal alloys! and have better more suitable tyre sizes!

but please wait out because moving up a profile may help but im sure you will get many more posts from people who know more on the wheel data and tyre data!

good look on the mission! regards dan and i hope somebody has info that can help yo :blink:


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Was that the blue NA from ebay? They do look cool with Awi's, but there were revisions to the V8 suspension, to cater for these low profile tyres. I put SE wheels on my 88 Turbo and that caused a firmer ride too. I'd put the original wheels back on.

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Before you attempt to change the wheels, you need to check to see if the front wheels have been machined to fit the X180 hubs or if the hubs have been changed as the front hubs changed between the X180 and the S4.

Also, it is worth getting adjustable top links so that the camber is adjustable otherwise you'll probably scrub the corners off of the rubber!

Full details (as usual) are on LEW.

I have "run flat" tyres on my S4 which is handy in the case of a puncture, but makes for a much, much firmer ride. Might be worth checking that too.

I also have a spare set of S4 / GT3 rims that I might be willing to sell or swap... PM me if interested...

Cheers, Ian


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just wondering if you checked the alignment on the car. I believe the stock alignment specs are preferred over the V8 specs for best results. Lots of people automatically assume they need to switch to V8 alignment once they put V8 wheels. Also take a look at the condition of the bushings and ball joints. I traced a whole host of handling probs to 1 worn bushing on the forward link on the lower A arm.

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