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What is it with Ford Focus ST Drivers!

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The people who want to race are IMHO not as emotionally mature/secure as others.

As far as I can see, the need to prove themselves in a reckless way shows that they have no common sense or regard for any other users of the road.

It reminds me of a 7 year old child who climbs a tree and says 'look at me! Look at what I can do!' Which translates in later years to 'my car is better than yours ner ner ne ner ner!' baby.gif

As a woman I also see this sort of behaviour when talking about cars to these sorts of 'men'. I had a diesel and the glow plugs were on the way out. As Mr John couldn't replace them and I didn't have a clue a mechanic was called. I told him that the glow plugs needed replacing. When he had finished he informed me it was the 'heating system elements'. Not sure what this was I asked Mr John who said and I quote 'they ARE the glow plugs!' wallbash.gif

I really don't understand. If a man came up to me and started talking knitting I would not feel the need to come up with jargon or to make him feel stupid.

Sorry for my rant but these sorts of guys get right up my nose!!! rant.gif

(Before you start to think I am sexist and a man hater I do know of so called women who act like this and regard them in the same way)

Phew thats better. How much do I owe you?


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Don't just hit the gas, anyone can do that. Sucker them in a turn, where the Esprit really shines.

Recently, I was headed home when some kid in an older RX7 was doing the bumper glue at 70mph to me. This is annoying, and darned dangerous. Up ahead is the ramp from one expressway to another, and oh joy, it's clear. A long sweeping ramp, the sort the Esprit with T1R's just loves. I head into this ramp doing about 75, and just never slow down. Rolled on the power instead, felt the front end bite, ahhhh, that's why I have an Esprit. Exited the ramp doing just about 100. This kid was more or less paying attention, he backed off, was about 200 yards back by the time he made it through. Dude, that's why it's called a Lotus.

Last spring, some kid in Mom's honda wasn't paying attention. Tried to follow me through a tighter ramp, and went off the side onto the grass. Pretty hefty curb there, so I expect he had to explain to mom how he destroyed the right front suspension. Did anyone see the top gear episode where they pitted an old Healey against a pimped out modern econobox? Score one for the old gents in the tweed suits.

Some times you can succeed by doing nothing. I was headed home in my truck, Ford F350 with crew cab and double rear wheels, 350hp turbodiesel. For some odd reason over here in the USA, any kid with a hopped up diesel truck wants to race. So here comes a Dodge truck, renowned for having a strong diesel engine but weak everything else. Geez, I'm tired and just want to go home. This kid lays on the power, blowing black smoke, that nasty blaaaating sound the Dodge 6 cyl makes. Gets about two car lengths in front of me when I hear a loud crack, the engine starts racing, and the truck slows down making clattering sounds. Hey kid, have fun paying for that new transmission.

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Guest Mutley00

Oh dear - I really have a soft spot for the bright orange STs and we are seriously thinking of buying one. Maybe a change of heart if I would get blackballed by the LEF fraternity! Its just I cant stand by bog standard Audi A3 for much longer. Anyone been wound up by a Golf VR32 driver before I start looking out for one of those?

Sorry guys - but the finance manageress sanctioned the purchase of an Orange ST2 last Saturday - amazing what they agree to when you let them have a new kitchen. Interestingly I joined the ST Forum for tips on cheap insurance and in their greeting mail (and underlined) is a rule that you're not allowed to post any topics on racing! Couldn't believe what I was reading on a Ford Forum. Promise not to tailgate anybody on LEF. The Devil in me was thinking of posting a link on their Forum to this thread, but then I decided to act my physical age.

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Forget acceleration, sucker them in a turn. That's what I do. Nothing humiliates a Schumacher wannabe like leaving them behind in a turn.

Someone in a jazzed up econobox was doing the 'inspect my tailpipe' thing on the way into the parking lot at my office. Oh dear, not again. Wicked little ramp coming up, the T1R's should be heated up nicely by now... okay, you can push on the pedal, let's see if you can turn a corner.

He couldn't. Dude, that's why it's called a Lotus.

A co-worker caught up with me at lunch a few days later, and said - I didn't even see a car, I just saw a white streak.

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Having just swallowed and digested the highway code, twice, the good book states if you're being tail gated you should slow down.

I now follow this as a rule, my biggest problem is my driveway is on a busy A road and is a tight 90 degree turn in so people shunting me up the arse there is not a good deal.

The closest thing I've ever come to an argument was an old duffer as it happens, we were turning into a car park and he was so far up my jacksie I nearly could see his nostril hail ! SO I slowed and slowed until he became very fuststrated and followed me. Got to the space and I uncurled from the car expecting some kind of dumbass abuse but didn't get any :hope:

If I had been hit with "do you always drive that slow"

It would have been "well the highway code does state......did you not pass your test then ?" :lol:

Does kinda excuse your actions and make them look silly.

The best one though - save this for Audi TT / BMW Z3 / Nissan 350z when they pull up at the lights, wind the old window down...

"Does your wife/girlfriend know you've got her car ?" :D

Dont race on the road, too much to lose and too easy to lose it, I dont bother anymore, it winds them up further and you just have to laugh.

Last dick head who tried me off the lights the other day was a Focus actually, I just stayed still for about 5 secs afer the lights had gone.

Best way is to just offer them out on a track day and tell them you'll only use 3 gears, Esprit is a LOT faster on a track than on the road.

facebook = [email protected]

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  • Gold FFM

I had a similar one that other day. Not a Focus but a guy in his lowered Ford Falcon or something of that ilk. I turned from the main drag across the oncoming traffic into the road into our estate, he was approaching and flew up behind me. So with a flicky roundabout coming up I thought to myself 'You'd better be good' flicked left into the roundabout and then quick right, left and on the loud pedal to exit. Last thing I saw was this guy halfway through with the car standing on its' nose as he madly braked to stay on the road and not fly off through the fence of our golf club and into the lake beside the road.

Bloody hell, I love this car. :)

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them, some just stink more than others.

For forum issues, please contact one of the Moderators. (I'm not one of the elves anymore, but I'll leave the link here)

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I did a speed awareness course last week instead of taking 3 points on the licence. This topic on tailgating speeders was discussed.

Basically hold your speed steady until you are in a position to either let them past or they over take you safely.

Dabbing brakes, flashing hazards, speeding up, racing, making any form of eye/visual contact is a no-no. They discussed what happens if you cant keep your cool, you can end up with a chain reaction of road rage of several drivers, even ones you will not come into contact with but the tailgator does. Your actions could result in a crash further down the road because you contributed to inflaming the drivers around you.

some key learning -

1) all courts and policemen assume you know the highway code, all of it, as this is a requirement to drive cars.

2) rule 126 - if you cant stop in the space clear enough ahead of you if something happens then you are going to fast (even if you are less than the limit - clue in the word limit, not a target to be reached and sustained)

3) not being able determin what the speed limit of the road is is really badly frowned upon.

4) If the emergency systems in the car are activated and taking over trying to save your ass then you are not (probably) in control of your vehicle - its you that makes the choice in how fast your car goes, nothing else.

If you crash , you are likely to be bubbered in the courts as excuses like , didnt see the ice , water, shit on the road etc dont usually wash. Take ICE, if you defrosted you car and you later skid on ice, you cant say i wasnt expecting it, so if you didnt slow down to what they think was an appropriate speed, they bubba you.

They taked about the logic that because we have lots of scameras, paint on roads, slower 20 mph areas etc and that the number of deaths on the roads is coming down they (government) conclude that all these measure have worked and still do work so we should have more. The guys teaching the course think we will get more speed control measures not less.

My own personal take on all this is that there is a push to make any form of speed (even driving under the limit - when its not appropriate eg pissing down with rain on the motorway) as socially unacceptable as drink driving. A time will come (not too far away) when a few mph over the limits will result in heavy penalities.

Watch your speed peeps, they will bubba you in the showers (metaphorically speaking)

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Having just swallowed and digested the highway code, twice, the good book states if you're being tail gated you should slow down.

Does it not say you should slow to increase the distance between you & the car in front rather than just slow down? You'll obviously need more braking room should the car in front stop suddenly to avoid the car tailgating you going in to the back of you.

I'm sure that's what you meant as just slowing down will only increase the frustration of the driver behind you (especially if there's nothing in front of you!) & as Alex explained that's only going to increase the chances of an accident somewhere down the line.

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"Does your wife/girlfriend know you've got her car ?"

Dropped that bomb with some gangsta/hairdresser wannabe in a Z3 *sniggers*

There was no reply, just a look of bewilderment, followed by a gold-encrusted middle finger


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I was in the Elise once behind a Boxter (baseball cap, top down, you know the score) at the lights turning right.

Some guy pulled up in a blinged Range Rover and wound down the window and said to him

"How are you fixed next Tuesday ? Short back and sides ?" :lol:

Obviously I had the top down too - fell about laughing in the car, then realised it could have quite easily been me....saved by a cockster :w00t:

facebook = [email protected]

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The worse tail-gating I have ever seen was in a friends custom 10 sec' car, he spent loads on this car and didn't race it as it was only for shows. OK from time to time he did take it out for a track day but never on the roads.

Well one time, we were driving along when a young guy in a Audi A3. Started to flash us then came very close and backed off then close again. He did this for some time until my friend saw a unmarked car parking area. He drove in and then back out some distance behind the A3, then all hell broke free. The guy in the A3 slowed down and sped up and then done a emergency stop!! Then drove off again then tried the same again.

Then he went really slow we where unable to over-take as if we tried he matched our speed. He then opened his sun roof and items started hail towards us like a coke bottle, small coins, pens and just about any other thing he could find. With the paint job on my friends car he didn't really want anything to hit him but some of it did. The guy in the A3 then stopped and started to shout at us, and put his finger up to his head and done a gun action. People that where behind us started to drive past shouting all sorts of words at him. Once the road was clear I got out the car. He then got out of his I only done this as we where on hands free to the police and the lady at control told us that they where just around the next bend from us. By the time we got near each other the police came up behind him got out their car and arrested him. The look on his face was priceless and just as well as I never would of had a chance as the size of him he would of had me and my friend. Even the policeman got his baton out expecting him to lash out. Lucky for us we where not only the ones to of phoned the police at that time.

At the end of the day there was on reason to why he done what he done, he just done it?

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"and put his finger up to his head and done a gun action"

He'd obviously seen the error of his ways and wanted to do himself there and then, either that or has wild fantasies about his Beretta water pistol in neon green. 50p down the local newsagents.

My pet hate is people who threaten to "shoot" you, or the latest favourite "I'll stab you up BLOOD". It's like,yeah, I'm right here BIG MAN, get yo wannabe gangsta on lol

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Toby, the best I have ever done when riding my cycle to work. This car driver desided to cut me up and I came off my bike. I got back on not badly hurt and rode after the car. I never would of caught up with them if it wasnt for the train crossing I was hoping was down. Lucky for me the barriers came down and he was left in the que. I rode up to his window lent in grabbed his keys and chucked them over a wall. Said some really nice things to him like. "You just left the seen of a hit and run, you have just committed a crime mate" . "Now we are even a** h***" and rode off.

Timmah, yer we were wondering the same thing, I know how to defend myself but this guy lets say I know my limits. We didn't even get who we was trying to impress, wasn't us for sure.

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Keys over a wall, I likey!!!

My other fave is to pull across infront of them and just park and get off, this invariably means they stop way to close to actually get round the scooter an then have to wait for the tooting to stop behind and a long line of people to go passed sceaming and shouting at them (and me but hey its my choice) then i get back on and ride off having generally put them much further back down the queue than they were!!

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Just had a whole new level of agression directed at me as I came up the Hagley road in Birmingham.

Two gentlemen in BMW's 1 09 plate X5 and 1 03 plate 320d came through the underpass from Broad street and proceeded to swerve at the traffic until people yielded.

I thought stuff it your not coming in in front of me but the 3 series was insistent to the point where he was actually going to hit me and I didn't fancy kerbing my wheels so was forced to yield. The lane they came out off then became clear so I dully moved over and carried on until it was closed for road works at which point I was unfortunately next to the 3 series again. I indicated and moved across but surprise surprise he wasn't yielding. A small gap appeared between him and the vehicle infront so I moved over and began to filter in all at less than 5 mph. he continued to the point where the front of his car was so close to my side that had I had V8 arches they would havebeen taken off. I dully put my hand out the car and did not even have to stretch to knock on his bonnet to inform him I was there as he seemed to have an issue with his eyes.

At this point he dropped back and then roared around me winding down his window to hurl abuse. I waved him on and he shot off up the traffic to cut some other poor devil off.

On the other side of the lights and road works both he and the X5 had pulled over and were both out the car in the middle of the triple carriageway flagging down cars obviously looking for me I just ignored them (quite dificult when they are running around the round in front of me). I then turned off the road immeadiately as I decide that descretion was the better part of valour.

Now all this happened with these two people have elderly relatives and children in the cars and they were both suited and booted on their way some where!!

Now I know I should not have knocked on his bonnet but as for the rest ...............well was there really any need!!!!!

Edited by mangel
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Glad your ok Toby,

Shame you didnt get there number plates and reported them, Mind you Essex Police would do sod all (I have very little time for the Police). Not sure what the Brum Fuzz are like

Amateurs built the Ark

Professionals built the Titanic

"I haven't ridden in cars pulled by cows before" "Bullocks, Mr.Belcher" "No, I haven't, honestly"

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