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2.2 Power upgrades what have people done.

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Have a look at Mike Taylor's site, he uses a Lotus block with a longer stroke to achieve a 2.5l (I think) displacement, and has it all ported and tuned to get more power than the non-chargecooled turbo cars, and thus avoids turbo lag.

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Hi Wayne,

as your car is 2.2, (like mine) you have an ideal base for an uprated engine.

Buy a set of bigger inlet/exhaust valves something like these:

(not too much, you need to keep your valve seats...)

Polished & ported head

new Colisbro bronze valve guides

for the block:

buy a set of NA HC pistons

buy a set of new Iron liners from SJ or QED (you don't need Nikasil liners)

replace bearings etc..

set the carbs

a good ignition system and I think you will end with a 200 plus Hp engine.

Try to ask to Mike Taylor (Lotusbits), he is a engine guru and sell a lot of parts too.



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check out the engine that was used in the exel ctrca 85/89

this motor apparently had another 20 or so horses - yet it was almost identical to the esprit's

always wonder why they did not make the esprits the same or more power as the cars were next to one another on the production line.



Technically sound ...Theoretically poked !

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Hi, I have an S1 Esprit.I have never been happy with the Power.

Last year I bought an S3 n/a and I was very happy with the performance,so after selling it I decided to look for a beter engine for my S1.I managed to get hold of a big valve hi lift cam HC engine from an 86 Excel.It has been fully rebuilt and is fitted with an s/s exhaust.I have with a few mods made it fit my S1 .I found that if you work the research and development costs thay ammount to hardley anything.

For about

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I agree with Richard.

I think it's always best to upgrade based on the original engine.

This will be the easiest way, most cost effective, most reliable, best suitable performance.

Especially for the Esprit. From an S1 to Sport300, you should be able

to install an engine from the 2.0 160bhp n/a to the 2.2 300hp turbo, with relative ease.

VAN DER LEE Turbo Systems     -

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