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If you want more performance, why not get some of the upgrade engine parts that LotusBits supply? They can get the 912 engine up to almost 220 bhp without supercharging. Much better cooling-wise than supercharging and doesn't fill your engine bay with stuff.

S4 Elan, Elan +2S, Federal-spec, World Championship Edition S2 Esprit #42, S1 Elise, Excel SE


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superchargers are fantastic but to make the thing fit the esprit engine it will need to be bespoke, also your pistons should be really upgraded as n/a pistons will not fair well to the extra constant boost, its the same as fitting a turbo apart from the heat factor, So price wise it will not be cheap as the super charger kits themselves are not cheap and with all the mods will end up a lot of work and expensive.

At your stage of the game if your looking for big power gains i would look into the jag v6 like punkys or the v8 like hillys but the audi one as you know yourself needs the box,ecu and brakes changing. I think punkys is fantastic you get to keep your gearbox,brakes and the parts are fairly cheap, your only real headache is the conversion plate. Plus you get the benefit of the growl of the v6.

Or just crack on with the project aiming your funds at suspension, brakes paintwork etc and just buy a used 2.2 they can be found very cheap once in a while, get the car restored then your old engine in time just build up to your own spec.

Good luck on the project and keep the updates coming your doing a grand job. p.s those old fuel tanks where nasty :gathering:

Regards danny


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I've considered this for the Excel, I was looking at changing to Turbo pistons, for ability to handle power & heat and also lower the compression ratio as I think the NA one (esp HC) may be too high for supercharging. If you don't have air con, you have a nice little void in which to put the supercharger, and a bespoke pully can be made to drive it.

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