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television crap


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hey guys

i'm recovering from a knee operation so have a lot of laptop and tv time

had the luck yesterday to see the holy grail again

that was super

like the life of brian those are classics

the only thing wich is broadcasted in my country at the moment is:

CSI - Miami, LA,NY,Pitsburg, vancouver, applegate did i miss some ?


total makeover - gnome, lepricorn, obesitas 1,2 an 3, open back 4 and 5

models - inc,anc,tink,tank

what happened with nice series like shaka zulu, etc

think i'm going to read my bleuberry, lucky luke and storm albums again


researche is something i do when i don't know what the hell i'm doing

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You think that you have crap tv, cant be as bad as the dros that is on over here mate..only thing worth watching is "Time Team" but they are all bloody repeats! Why anyone watches that rubbish East (B)enders is beyond me. Get the old vinyl out and open a bottle of red, much better! :)

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well, I am not watching regular TV program anymore.

with internet, I can choose to what time and what to watch (even it's not available in HK yet)

youtube is one way to offer great entertainment.

there are many independent film makers (mostly students). They make short episodes and load them up onto youtube for free.

it's quite interesting to see what young generation is thinking and how they see things in different ways.

for example, I recently find this MTV to be very interesting.


this reminds me of the SNL video, 'Jizz in My Pants'

It's really amazing to see crazy ideas people have and make funny videos.

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Did not put TV on at all yesterday. Put some music on instead and really enjoyed it, by the time bedtime came around I realised I'd been listening for 7 hours!

At least you have control over it and can choose a genre to suit the mood.

Got telly on now as I did some film work the other week and may appear on the Politics Show of all things......! (It's not my fault!)


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